What I’m Playing, part 24

Infamous: Second Son

Four years ago, Infamous Second Son was released during the PlayStation 4’s first year.  I had never seen anything like it at the time and thought the game was fun and amazing.  I enjoyed the destructibility of the environment and the fluidity with which Delsin moves about with the smoke dash and later on, his neon dash.  I was all set for Infamous to be my first PS4 platinum when tragedy struck.

One night of marathon gaming while playing Second Son I had unlocked several trophies and when time came for me to call it quits from exhaustion, I went to sync my trophies only to be met with an error and was forced to start over from scratch re-unlocking everything that I had already done.  At first I was horrified thinking that all the trophies were glitched and that my efforts were in vain, but once I started re-unlocking everything that I had done it put my mind at ease.  I had finished 2 playthroughs in a row:  one as good Delsin on normal difficulty and one as evil Delsin on Expert difficulty.  The good playthrough was the one where I “lost” some of my trophies and had to start over from scratch.  This was also the point where I just totally ragequit the game altogether.

Fast forward to 2018.  Since I am riding on the natural high from collecting all 900 Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild and solving all 120 Shrines, I figured I might as well go back and finish one of the things in my backlog that’s bothered me since it happened.  I’m currently at good karma level 3 and working my way toward the first trophy I need – reaching level 5 good karma – fairly quickly.  The only other trophy I need is where I redeem Fetch once I find her.

As far as gameplay goes, this game isn’t as glamorous as I remember it.  Delsin still moves about rather fluidly, but I had forgotten that he’s not indestructible when it comes to combat.  I also had forgotten just how janky his movements are when it comes to climbing up walls.  This rendition of Seattle is just as cool as I remember it, and I still wonder why the city is rarely used as a setting (the only other thing I can think of right off the bat that used Seattle as a setting is the Shadowrun tabletop RPG).  I was stoked this time around because I found the infamous wall of chewed gum!

For future reference, the wall of gum can be found here.

I like how the weather and time of day changed based on the chapter you’re on in the main story.  The first chapter with rain was rather relaxing and the second one where the sunset is perpetual is pretty.

After a few hours, and a little bit of a scare (I thought I had progressed far enough to unlock the trophy but I hadn’t), I managed to unlock one of the two trophies I needed for the Platinum.

I love Fetch’s power!  But trying to subdue enemies with it is still as irritating as I remember it being.  I also love the infinite running at the speed of light ability.  It’s so fluid and quick.  It definitely has me ruined as far as traversal powers/abilities in other games are concerned.  I mean, it’s not often that you get the ability to straight up run up a wall, am I right?

Very cool scene but also very sad at the same time.

After reaching something like the game’s midway point in the story and a little more grinding, my for year long quest was finally at it’s end:

Platinum trophy #8 is finally mine.  Until next time Seattle, stay cool.

  • % of trophies at the time of writing according to PSN: 100% including the Platinum

What I’m Playing, part 17


Since I’ve played quite a bit this weekend, I decided to cram all the things I’ve played into one post, so let’s get started:

Little Nightmares

This game is, so far, pretty eerie.  It’s like what would happen if Tim Burton decided to make a side scrolling video game.  So far I’m a huge fan of the art style (it looks like Nightmare Before Christmas) and how well the game plays, but I’m not a fan of how the game doesn’t tell you how to control the character.  I personally hate it when any game does that to be honest.  Don’t want me to play your game?  Don’t tell me the controls and that will be that.


Think The Witness meets Journey meets ICO in this graphically beautiful, yet somewhat frustrating, puzzler.  The number one rule about this game is that your perception of things is not what it appears at first.  The game is highly dependent on it’s visual and audio cues, making for a memorable experience if not a bit frustrating (in terms of not being able to jump high enough)

Blade & Bones

Imagine what it would be like if the Souls games and Rouge likes had a kid.  At least that’s the vibe I’m getting so far from Blade & Bones.  This is yet another game that does not explain controls to you in a good way, it took me several minutes and random button presses to figure out how to get in my inventory to change weapons (pro tip: it’s not even a button press, you have to click in the left thumb stick and go from there.  So annoying.)  The story is a bit cheesy, but lays out your objective in order to beat the game – find the 7 swords.  There’s a day/night cycle that you can manipulate which is cool.  Here’s where the Rogue like aspect comes into play: you start the game with 7 Purity and when you die you lose one.  After you re-spawn, you get a pop up that tells you that if you lose all your Purity, you lose your save file.  I can tell this is going to be a very frustrating game for me to try to complete.

Friday the 13th: The Game


Definitely a game better suited to playing with friends instead of a pick up group.  It’s both fun and a little scary at the same time since it’s so campy but it’s hugely entertaining and has a decent replay value, but those trophies…ugh.

 Killing Floor 2

Another game that’s a lot of fun and best with friends (and a full compliment of 6) I’m definitely looking forward to more nights of making fun of the French weapon vendor and being the only German guy in the Motorhead reunion tour.

Polarity:  Ultimate Edition

Managed to finish this one in one sitting!  It’s a satisfyingly short first person puzzle game that does collectibles the way I like:  there’s only 3 in each level and you can see them all in plain sight, you just have to figure out how to get to them.  The bare bones story here is that you’re a hacker working for a mysterious benefactor and the levels represent the computers that you’re hacking (similar to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided‘s intense Breach mode, only without any stealth elements).  The only thing left for me to do in this game is get the co-op trophies and I’m finished!

Relationships, part 12


I’m going to go on. I’m going to go on living to spite you. To spite myself. I’ll never forget what we had. How could I? You have me several firsts. Several intimate moments. Special dirty things that we used to do together. Sorry our ending was what it was, but I feel that’s what you wanted. I will go on living, go on loving, I will go on this journey alone if that’s what I must do, but I will go on regardless. I will go on regardless of the fact that part of me is missing, that I am damaged. Hopefully my next love can see past that and help me put the pieces back together, the way I tried to help you.

Life and Death, part 4

It’s getting close to my bed time (I hate getting up early) but felt the need to write a little before I went to sleep.  I guess laying here watching my new hour glass has inspired me somehow.  I’ve always enjoyed watching them empty for some reason.

I’m getting up early in the morning because of work.  It’s the last week of doing freezer trucks for the year, finally.  Hopefully, if Scott really isn’t coming back I’ll be able to bid on his job and get the hell off doing vacation relief.  I hate it.  At least this dreadful summer is nearly over with.  The light at the end of this long, horrendous tunnel is drawing nearer.

I’m hoping that once things at work cool down I’ll be able to get back to working out at home again.  I think Marshal has figured out that I haven’t been working out because of work.  I’ve mostly given up on eating healthy due to lack of free time from work and the cost of eating healthy is ridiculous.  I haven’t been working out because I’m just so tired when I get home.  I don’t want to do anything but shower and drink a bucket of water.  I need to quit being so damn lazy and get to it or I’ll never get to where I want to be physically.  I bought a new Fitbit to monitor my heart rate and steps and a couple journals with inspirational quotes written on the fronts so I can write down my workouts (if that’s what it’s going to take).  I want this as bad as I want a gamer husband.

Part of why I’ve been lazy the last coupe of months is because Destiny Year Two is coming to an end soon and we’ve been hard at work trying to complete all the Year Two Moments of Triumph and so I’ve been focused on that at the expense of all else.  I personally am only after the Calcified Fragments and a King’s Fall Hard Mode clear.  I don’t care about the Crucible moment from the list as I royally suck at Crucible so I’m skipping that one.  Part of why we’re suddenly so keen to get this done is a certain someone on my PSN friends list named Dan who was all about trying to get all these moments complete as quickly as possible, even going so far as to try to get raids done with a pick up group.  I tried to participate in one of these groups with him, but the players were just so bad that I had to leave before I said something shitty to the others.  I guess my leaving hurt his feelings or whatever, because he hasn’t spoken to me or invited me to play since.  I noticed that he’s got his King’s Fall Hard Mode done by looking at his trophies.  Hmph.  Good for him.  I did warn the others about him since he’s been on my friends list for a long time and not once talked to me or played Destiny with me until this Moments of Triumph business popped up.  Definitely motivates me to do a purge of my PSN friends list.

Speaking of gamer husbands, the other night in a very uncomfortable chat on PSN, Gerry revealed that he is 5’4″ and ever since then I’ve thought about how nice it would be to cuddle such a little guy.  It would be amazing to spoon with him, hold him close while we watch movies or TV.  I just wish I knew whether he liked me as much as I like him.  I guess if he doesn’t want me and Marshal doesn’t want me…I don’t know what to do from there.  What would be the point of going on from there?  Purely just for me?  Pfft.  I just don’t see why I would want to bother trying hard just to end up alone.

I’ve been sorting through all my Magic: the Gathering stuff and am finally beginning to post it to eBay.  Since no one comes over to play anymore, I don’t see any point in keeping the majority of them.  I’m going to keep a few decks to scratch the itch if I ever have it again, but for the most part I’m done.  I’m not going to bother buying anymore cards.  I’ve also decided that since no one comes over anymore that I’m going to sell off the kitchen table and all the chairs except the matching pair of parsons chairs.  Again, no one comes over here to hang out anymore so there’s no point in keeping it.  Now that William and Dominique live in Hickory, the only one that ever comes over here is Glenn.  These guys definitely know how to make a guy feel wanted, but my thoughts on that are best saved for another post.

Speaking of making a guy feel like shit, I had a really horrible day at work Wednesday, and it inspired me to think about selling off more of the things I have that I don’t need or want anymore just so there’s that much less to deal with should I finally find a way to escape this shitty two bit town.  I’m already looking to sell my cards and the kitchen table and chairs, next I’m thinking about posting my light sabers and a few other things to see if anyone is interested.  I felt like crap when I got home that morning but it was made all better when we managed to clear another King’s Fall raid, this time in the span of about 3 hours AND we managed to get the Warpriest Challenge Calcified Fragment!  That just leaves the Golgoroth Challenge and I’ll have all 50 fragments.  Woot!  I know I’m definitely ready to face a new enemy beyond the Taken.

Eyes are getting heavy, so I think it’s time to curl up with my pillow and dream of the time that I’ll instead be curled up with Gerry bear.

Long Live The King, part 5

Destiny, part 6

Your only existence shall be that which I weave for you out of sorrow and woe.

Yesterday was definitely a moment of triumph for me in Destiny even if it’s not listed among the moments that Bungie has concocted.  Last year when the existence of Black Spindle was discovered, my circle of fellow Destiny players would wait for the days when Lost to Light was the Daily Heroic.  Once it arrived, we would spend hours punishing ourselves by trying the mission again and again and again and again until we met with success.  It was through a LOT of trial, error and tears that we discovered every single thing about the mission:

  • You cannot have a party wipe on the way to the door leading to Taniks’ ship.  If you do, you have to start the mission over.
  • If someone dies during the initial run from the room where Crota’s Soul was held, they will be rezzed once you reach the first room with the locked door.
  • The countdown for clearing out the ship doesn’t start until you enter the first room in the ship that’s infested with Taken.

Following these rules, we would try over and over until we were met with victory and a shiny new Light Level 310 Exotic sniper rifle.  I, however, was not among those skilled or fortunate enough to complete the mission upon it’s initial discovery and ultimately was one of the reasons for my departure from the game for a few months (besides having done every other thing in the game and finally getting my hands on Fallout 4).  Until yesterday.

Upon waking up and logging in, I looked at the Director to see what today’s fresh hell awaited me for the Daily Heroic.  Lost to Light!  I began to salivate at the thought of facing the ship full of Taken, which quickly gave way to panic and a knot of rage in the pit of my stomach.  Fuck it I thought, I’m not going to bother to try that shit ever again.  You’re why I left the game for a few months.  Well, part of why anyway.  I decided to post it to Facebook that today was your day to try to get the gun if you felt squirrely, then I went about completing my daily bounties to try to level up the Taken armor that I had finally acquired a full set of for my main Warlock.  While playing, one of my fellow Destiny players messaged me and asked if I wanted help to try to get the gun.  If anyone had been in the room with me to see the expression on my face, they wouldn’t have asked a second time.  I let out a loud, disgusted sigh and continued with my bounties, ignoring the message.  I thought about running that dreadful mission in my mind and whether or not this would be the time that I would be met with success or if I would be adding another tally mark in the ‘Failure’ column.  ‘Why the fuck am I even thinking of trying?’  I thought to myself.  ‘It’s not like I’m going to make it.  I suck way too hard at this game, I won’t succeed this time.  I’m a fool for even thinking that I might.’  

After several long minutes I finally replied to his message:  ‘Yeah we can try in a few minutes.’  I finished the bounties I was working on, peed, made another cup of coffee and prepared myself for another failed attempt.  ‘Send me a party invite when you’re ready’ and then I sat there and waited.  After a few minutes, I got the invite and found that the party chat was already full of others eager to try to get the gun.  Holy crap I thought to myself.  Two of my fellow gamers had decided to take it upon themselves to take those of us who didn’t have the gun through the mission, one at a time, to try to increase our chances of success.  Upon hearing this, a small spark of hope lit within my gut.  Maybe, just maybe, today is gonna be the day!  I was to be 2nd in line to run the mission, so I sat quietly and listened to party chat and continued to finish my bounties and mull over the events of the discovery from the day before.  Worthless piece of shit, I thought to myself, over and over.  Suddenly, as the first person and the two who were going to shepherd everyone neared the end of the mission, one of the shepherds decided that he’d been playing the game long enough that day and just logged off.  Well what in the actual fuck? I thought, and the spark of hope was summarily extinguished.  Well, it was a good idea while it lasted.  I resigned myself to the idea that nothing of any import was going to get done in game today and just continued silently stewing while working on bounties.

“Wraith, you wanna jump in with us and try to get the gun?”  My heart skipped a beat and my mouth went completely dry.  Filled with hopelessness, I let out a sigh and replied “Yeah.”  You’re going to fail kept running over and over in my mind as I joined the others.  We separated ourselves into a different party chat so as not to be interrupted or distracted by the others.  Hopefully they don’t think ill of us for leaving, but, it is what it is.  Like riding a bike, we start the mission and get all the way through to the last room of the ship, and, just like I figured, we failed.  I put my controller down on the coffee table and was ready to give up then and there.  “Let’s try again” he said as we started the mission over.  After a bit of equipment change (switching exotic swords for the Dragon’s Breath rocket launchers) we went at it a 2nd time.  Fighting our way through to the final room of the ship, this time we managed to get there with one more minute than we had the first attempt.  I felt slightly hopeful upon seeing that, but still feared the worst.  Not paying attention to the others actions, and trying to focus on adds and not dying, I think I did a good job.  I used my super to keep the adds to a minimum and set the boss on fire with a few well placed Dragon’s Breath rounds.  Time ticked away as we whittled away at the adds and the boss’s health.  Less than a minute was left and I could feel the sweat forming on my hands.  Suddenly, at 20 seconds left on the timer, the icon for Black Spindle appeared on the right side of my screen.  A string of expletives erupted from my lips over the party chat which were met with much laughter.  We had finally done it!  Black Spindle was mine at last.  I sat back in my chair and relaxed and let out another sigh.  This moment was proof that sometimes I just really need to ignore that deafening voice of doubt in the back of my mind and just fucking do the thing!

I was happy that I finally had the rifle, but somewhat disappointed that it was Light Level 280, not 310.  Eh, I’ll just infuse it until it’s a higher level no matter how long it takes.

So what was different this time?  What helped me to succeed?  Well:

  • Knowledgeable co-op partners that knew what to do once we got to the final room.
  • King’s Fall Raid weapons that give damage bonuses against the Taken.
  • Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher.
  • Slightly higher Light Level.  Back when this gun was discovered, I think the Light Level cap was 300/310 (?) and currently it is 335.  My character that I ran the mission with is 320 at the moment.

All I can say in closing is thank the gods that I never have to try to get that gun for myself ever again.  I will, however, help others try to get it if they want to put themselves through that kind of hell (just like the exotic sword quests).