So We Did Prestige Nightfall…

Destiny, part 26

So tonight, I got one step closer to the Destiny 2 platinum.  Since the release of the game, we’ve had struggle after struggle trying to complete a Nightfall because the modifiers have rarely been in our favor and this week our modifiers were Attrition (health and shields only regenerate after picking up healing pools from defeated enemies) and Timewarp: Killing Time (killing enemies adds time to the clock) so I convinced the clan to give it a try seeing as these modifiers are easy to work with.  They agreed and we gave it a try and were successful.  So successful in fact that now everyone in the clan has Rat King except maybe 2 people.

So then I decided to be bold considering our successes and suggest trying this particular Nightfall on Prestige difficulty.  It took a little arm twisting but eventually we gave it a try and we met failure after failure.  We kept getting to the final boss (the Strike in question was Inverted Spire) with 3 minutes to spare and kept losing by fractions of a few seconds because of failure to control adds in the last room or general mistakes along the way (I kept missing jumps in the opening area again and again but now I’m getting to the point where I can damn near make the run without having to stop and compensate.)

Tonight, however, lit a fire under Derrick’s ass.  After 2 attempts where we nearly killed Atheon’s wanna be replacement and not winning by mere seconds, Derrick and myself were determined to keep going until we were victorious.  A few minutes ago, we met victory face to face, but it was bittersweet.  We had hoped that we would get better gear or maybe another Engram from Hawthorne.  Nope, this was what we got:

Look how fabulous I am…

An Aura.  All the gear I got, and I mean all of it, was less than what I already had.  Oh, and we got a stupid fucking Emblem too that tracks how many Nightfalls you’ve completed but for some reason mine only says 1 even though I’ve completed it about 5 or 6 times this week.  Someone suggested that it’s probably counting the number of Prestige Nightfalls that I’ve completed, as though I’d be dumb enough to ever put myself through that kind of fucking misery again.  I literally wasted what free time I had tonight trying to get better gear for myself and my friends and that stupid Aura was all we got.  And an Emblem.  Oh, and even though the Faction Rally is over, one of my loot drops was a Future War Cult token.  Thanks RNGeezus, I fucking hate you too.

Oh, and the worst part is, after all that bullshit and misery that we went through, we don’t even get to keep the AuraIt disappears at weekly reset!  So now, I get to parade around the social spaces (and probably Crucible too, not that I’m going to bother finding out) showing off the fact that my e-penis is fucking huge to all the other scrubs that haven’t completed Prestige Nightfall yet.  But you know what?  They don’t really give a shit because they’re doing actual, useful, constructive things with their time like raiding or playing Iron Banner.

But at least I got my stupid trophy so that’s something, right?

It might be time for a nice, loooooong hiatus from Destiny 2.


Year Four, Month One

Destiny, part 25

Mixed emotions of aggravation, elation and boredom have begun to set in.  My path to the Destiny 2 platinum has hit something of an impasse.  I only have 3 trophies left to collect before the platinum is mine: The Prestige (Complete the Leviathan raid or Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty)  Belly Of The Beast (Complete the Leviathan raid) and Lest Ye Be Judged (Encounter an Emissary from beyond).  The only one that I forsee actually being the problem is Lest Ye Be Judged since that requires you to win a fucking Trials of the Nine match.  The Prestige I know I’ll get at some point once everyone in the clan is comfortable with the Nightfall and all the associated modifiers (at the time of this writing, to my knowledge, Prestige difficulty for Leviathan hasn’t been added to the game) and obtaining Belly Of The Beast is coming closer and closer as time goes by.


This past week, we managed to learn the mechanics behind The Gauntlet room and The Bathhouse room and we got to the Pleasure Gardens and started to learn it, but, due to time we decided to give it a couple tries then just go for the treasure chests instead.

I was introduced to The Gauntlet after a long 9 hour shift (my first day back to work after being on vacation with Matty last week) and I wasn’t really feeling up to it but ultimately I’m glad I sucked it up and gave it a try.  I took over Matty’s role as one of the 2 runners and found it to be an enjoyable experience.  I volunteered to be a runner every time and the clan seems to like that idea since I picked up on it fairly quickly.  Basically I have to run an obstacle course with the other runner to charge an orb while the rest of the team fights off adds and opens gates as I approach.  Once the course is complete I dunk the orb in a fountain in the center of the room then we do that 2 more times.  The second and third time, however, there are parts of the floor in the obstacle course that are missing, so jumping must be precise and careful.  The third time through the course, the entire team is running and my task is to skip the second gate and only recharge my orb on gates 1, 3 and 4.  Once the team passes through  the finish line for that round the room is complete.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy, though I did die before reaching the third gate because I apparently wasn’t running fast enough but at least I know how this room works.

One of the many rooms in the “underground” of the Leviathan raid.

The next night, we were introduced to The Bathhouse and this was where my patience was tested.  Basically, there are 4 buttons in the room and they must remain pressed in order to raise lanterns in the central chamber and those lanterns must be destroyed in order to pass the room.  Sounds easy, right?  Never in my life (aside from that shit ass bomb level in Gears of War 2) have I ever wanted to punch people in the face so hard.  What you have to do is split up into 2 teams of 3 people and rotate out and keep a buff going (Psion somethingorother) on your character so you don’t die while submerged in a liquid that slowly kills you while you’re sitting on your button all while fighting off adds.  Once the alarm is sounded, everyone comes to the center chamber and stands on the button there and fires at the lanterns.  We died over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for about 2 solid hours before we finally got it.  I was ready to ragequit after 45 minutes, but thanks to Claire and her girlfriend Michelle we persevered.  If I ever make it to the U.K. I’m buying those two whatever they want for dinner.  (This is the same Claire that taught us how to defeat Oryx in King’s Fall, so I definitely owe her one!)

After this, we tried the Pleasure Gardens and I think this room is going to take a while to complete…

Faction Rally

Last week, we were introduced to Destiny’s first Faction Rally.  This time around, instead of just picking a faction and grinding ranks with them in order to get more loot, they sort of had a purpose.  Whichever faction gained the most ranks (support) they would sell whatever weapon they had on offer.  Dead Orbit had a scout rifle, New Monarchy had a shitty sidearm and Future War Cult had something in hideous colors.  In order to appease the clan I went with Future War Cult on my Titan but I went with (and secretly rooted for) Dead Orbit with my warlock.  I honestly didn’t care who won the rally because I didn’t find any of the weapons on offer to be anything particularly spectacular.

New Monarchy a.k.a. The Republican Party

Future War Cult.  I still can’t deal with their hideous color scheme.

Dead Orbit.  Bitches love Dead Orbit.

I find it a little odd that Dead Orbit and Future War Cult are literally next door neighbors in the hangar and New Monarchy is all the way across the tower away from both of them.  I wonder why that is?  Come to think of it, it was like that in the first Destiny game as well.  Either way, I went with Dead Orbit and Future War Cult on my characters and did things here and there even though I was (ahem) a little preoccupied last week with someone special.  Anyway, I logged in tonight after work and was greeted with this:


So now came the realization of what happened which certainly cleared up all the confusion that was going around about what would happen when one of the factions won.  You see, at first there was talk among the clan that the faction that lost the rally would still have their weapon on offer, but at a cost of 5,000 glimmer while the winning faction would be selling their weapon at a cost of 1,000 glimmer.  I thought this sounded a bit strange from the beginning but decided to just let it play out and see what was what once the dust had settled.  It turns out that the winning faction did indeed sell their weapon for 1,000 glimmer – but only to their supporters.  Non Dead Orbit players had to pony up 50,000 glimmer if they wanted the gun – not 5,000.  Also, both the losing factions have nothing for sale for their supporters.  Nothing at 1,000 glimmer, nothing at 5,000 glimmer, just nothing at all.  I kinda feel like this whole thing was just a dumb waste of time over all (I have the Dead Orbit gun but I haven’t tried it out yet to see if it’s even worth a shit) and if I had known that my clan mates would get shit out of their faction’s weapon I would have devoted to Future War Cult on both characters instead of just one.

I also don’t like the fact that, now that the event is over, you don’t seem to be able to switch factions if you want.  I don’t really care for my characters to look like corporate shills in any way, because my viewpoint on Destiny is that we’re trying to rebuild everything and reclaim our planet and the only thing the factions want to do is just argue and nitpick over dumb shit.  I don’t care if New Monarchy thinks we need better leadership.  The Speaker is dead now so I hope you fuckers are happy.  I don’t care if Dead Orbit thinks we should just turn tail and run.  I can sort of support that idea, but at the same time our enemies will get Earth (and the Traveler) over my dead body.  As for Future War Cult, I can get behind that ideology too, I just can’t stand the color scheme.  I can’t.  I really, really can’t.  The only faction shaders I like (this time around) is New Monarchy.

I mean just look at that!  Unf!  But, whatever.  I was told by clan mates that I’ll be able to change factions once this event is over.  I don’t know that I’ll participate in the next (or subsequent) faction rallies since this one was so disappointing.

Oh and I finally got this thing too.  It’s weird.

Year Four, Week Three

Destiny, part 24

I fucking hate this game.  I.  Fucking.  Hate.  This.  Game.  Right now I feel like the most pathetic Destiny 2 player on Earth.  Out of all possible opportunities I’ve had since launch to complete Nightfall, I’ve only managed to get it once.  On top of that, I’ve picked up the notorious Rat King exotic quest, which, at first I thought was going to be as annoying as the Outbreak Prime quest was back in Destiny since you have to complete parts of the quest with other players who also have the gun/quest, but this time everything was fairly easy to do until getting to the final step:  complete Nightfall with 5 minutes left on the clock.  At first I didn’t think this was going to be that difficult, but at the rate we’ve been going I think I’d have better luck learning how to read and write in Madarin Chinese.

We also haven’t made a lick of progress in the Leviathan raid and considering the people that I’m playing with, I doubt that we’ll ever clear it at this rate.  We got as far as the first puzzle/room on Monday and this is going to take a lot of practice and more patience than I think this group has.

I’ll get you next time Gadget!

Also this week, I thought I was having a breakthrough in my absolute hatred of Crucible.  There’s a couple of trophies on the list – Show Me What You Got and Lest Ye Be Judged – that once I learned the truth behind them I had a feeling were going to be trouble.  I was right.  Monday night after the raid group fell apart, I decided to start working on Show Me What You Got which requires you to complete Lord Shaxx’s Call to Arms Milestone for the first time.  I was having a good time and I even managed to accomplish this:

The only reason I didn’t get the trophy that night was because I stopped playing about 5 minutes before weekly reset happened thinking I could just pick it up in a little while and continue from where I stopped (which was at 95%) but much to my horror, as reset occurred, I lost all my progress.  There went about an hour’s worth of work right down the toilet.  Frustrated and defeated, I decided to call it a night and go to bed.  Next day (today) my clan mates said they’d help me out.  Well, that was all well and good until my PS4 decided it was going to be an uncooperative bitch and tell me five times that my Destiny 2 data was corrupted and that I’d have to take the disc out, delete the game and reinstall it.  No fucking way was I going to do that, not while my friends were on.  So I kept taking the disc out and putting it right back in, but my PS4 decided it was just not going to do what I wanted.  I took the advice of a clan mate and rebuilt the PS4 database to see if that would fix the problem (it didn’t) only to watch as alllllllllll the fucking games that were nice and neat and organized into folders were now strewn helter-skelter across my god damn cross media bar in a long, continuous, mockery of ogranization.

Fuck my life.  Fuck it hard.

As everyone decided to call it a night, I pressed on and continued to have a shit day in the Crucible losing match after match but watching that infernal percentage slowly creep it’s way to 100%.  Around the 95% mark, I get the data corruption error again and I decide I’ve had enough at this point.  I remove the disc, disconnect the external drive, took a deep breath and screamed at the top of my lungs (no I didn’t say what’s going on) as I deleted the game and then reinstalled it on the PS4 internal drive.  I sat in silent, miserable contemplation and wondered what it was that I did that was so awful that the universe decided that it was just going to shit in my corn flakes today.  I read an article about ‘messy games’ on Polygon as the 6GB patch re-downloaded to my PS4.  Once it was done, I returned to the misery of the Crucible and I kept going until the bloody Milestone was complete.

I finally got my god damned trophy.

After that was finally over, I called it a night.  I also decided that I still fucking hate Crucible.  Which brings me back to the other trophy I mentioned earlier…

Lest Ye Be Judged is, unfortunately, not about Xur like I had hoped.  It’s about meeting an Emissary of The Nine which you can only do by completing Trials of the Nine (the Destiny 2 replacement for Trials of Osiris) and you can only access Trials of the Nine after you’ve completed Shaxx’s Call to Arms at least once.  Now that that Milestone is done I have access to Trials and I’m going to keep putting myself through hell until I get the trophy for meeting the Emissary then I’m never doing Crucible or Trials again as long as the servers live.

Once that’s over with all I need to do is complete the raid (somehow) and complete a Nightfall on Prestige difficulty (kill me now) and get all the Hunter subclasses and I’ll have the Destiny 2 platinum.  I’m glad I’m taking a break from this fucking game while I’m on vacation next week.

Year Four, Week Two

Destiny, part 23

I think I’m beginning to either get burned out or overwhelmed or perhaps both.  Every waking moment that I’m not at work (which has been every day since the game released thanks to hurricane Irma) has been spent playing Destiny 2 and learning the game inside and out like I did the first one.  What I’ve learned so far:

Upon Weekly Rest

  1. All the Milestones in your Director reset (Challenges, Raid Completion, Nightfall Completion, Flashpoint Completion.  I suppose Crucible does as well though I’ve avoided doing any Crucible for the time being as I hate PvP)
  2. Eververse has new inventory items (yay for rotating inventory!)
  3. Ikora’s Meditations reset (though you only have to do them once and not once for each character)
  4. Cayde-6 has new treasure maps (these are supposed to coincide with whatever planet is chosen as the Flashpoint for the week, but we shall see if the pattern holds.)
  5. Any Auras you have equipped on your character are removed (currently the only way I know to get one is to do Nightfall on Prestige Difficulty a.k.a. fucking hard mode.)

That’s a lot of shit to do.  Granted that you can complete Cayde’s treasure maps and Ikora’s Meditations with just one character, but then there’s still the laundry list of Milestones left for all three of your characters to do.  Just the thought of having to repeat this week after week already has me tired and rushing to my bed to throw the blanket over my head and shout NO! at the top of my lungs.

Add to this the fact that we still have a new raid – The Leviathan – to learn and complete.  Year Four is shaping up to be a very busy one indeed.  I was afraid of running out of things to do like Year One, but at this time, there’s so much to do it will likely keep me busy until the first expansion is released.

I can already hear my backlog silently judging me.


I’ve been internally debating back and forth over how to tackle this.  I want to continue to help my clan level up (we just reached level 2 tonight!) but I don’t want to have to be stuck with a laundry list every Tuesday.  My debate is this:

  • Constrain my list to 2 characters (Warlock and Titan) and pick and choose what to do each night after work, and still have other games in rotation so as not to hit Destiny burnout.  OR:
  • Keep all 3 characters (Warlock, Titan, Hunter) and only play the Hunter if it’s absolutely necessary once I level it up completely.  OR:
  • Play the Hunter just long enough to get the Trophy for Hunter subclasses then delete it so as not to be tempted to even think about playing it.

It’s pretty likely that I’ll only keep the Hunter long enough to get the trophy then delete it as I was never good at playing then in the first game.  This way, I can keep the amount of shit I have to do to a somewhat minimum.  I’m now only 6 trophies away from the Platinum and one of them really has me perplexed:

Is it Xur?

Who the hell could this Emissary be?  The fact that ZERO percent of the community has me thinking that it’s going to be Xur since the first Friday that he’s supposed to arrive hasn’t happened just yet (he’ll be here in like 2 hours) and if it’s not Xur…then who?

What’s up you big bitch?


Destiny 2 By The Numbers

Destiny, part 22

  • Number of hours played so far: about 40
  • Main story quest was finished in about 16 hours
  • Current Kills according to Kill Tracker Ghost: 6,645
  • Current Number of Kills as a Voidwalker: 1,137
  • Current Number of Kills as a Stormcaller: 1,844
  • Current Number of Kills as a Dawnblade: 915
  • Current amount of Glimmer: 97,610
  • Current amount of Legendary Shards: 28
  • Current amount of Bright Dust: 1,642
  • Warlock current Light Level: 255
  • Total number of Exotics: 8
  • Total number of Weapon/Armor Mods: 37
  • Heroic Public Events completed: 8
  • Number of Trophies obtained: 4

And what is this strange Vex structure?

The Beginning of Year Four

Destiny, part 21

For the past 3 years, we’ve been starving for the kind of content that Destiny 2 has brought with it.  Ever since Tuesday night it’s been quite the feast in terms of the story content and lore that Destiny 2 contains.  Year Four has started with a bang and now that I’ve started to come down off the high from the game, and the fact that I finished the main story quest last night, I think it’s time for me to voice my thoughts.


First of all, I’ll talk about what I didn’t like.  I didn’t like the fact that I lost 3 years of work because of the Cabal, however I understand the need to have everyone start over on a level playing field and I think this story idea was a great way to do that.

I’m not real sure how I feel about shaders and weapon mods being one time use things.  If I happen to want another shader that I currently have I’m guessing that I’m at the mercy of RNGeezus if I want another.  I know that I can buy some from Tess Everis at Eververse, but I think the selection is only 3 and you need Bright Dust in order to buy them.  I’m also not thrilled that I have to use Glimmer to apply a shader, but at least I actually have something to do with my Glimmer now.  I’m very happy that they seem to have removed any sort of cap you had on how much Glimmer you could have.

I’m not sure how I feel about Strikes not appearing on any of the maps unless I just haven’t progressed far enough into the game to have that happen yet.  If they don’t I guess it’s ok.

I don’t like that the Roster (people that are currently in the game) has been moved to a screen in the Director.  Having to re-learn the menus is a bit annoying.

For the time being I don’t really like that you can only infuse weapons of the same type (like you can’t infuse a sidearm into scout rifle even if the light level is higher.)


Now on to what I love about this game.

I feel like the main story quest wasn’t too long and wasn’t too short.  I think it was just right and it feels like it’s going to be the first in a very long line of good stories to be told in the Destiny universe.

Leveling up to the cap (which is currently 20) was relatively painless and fast compared to Destiny.  I also love that the skill tree for each subclass can be filled out with little to no fuss and not hours and hours of grinding.

I love that my Collections of things (such as Exotics) is all contained in your Vault.  This is going to make looking at everything so much easier and faster.

I love that your Emblems now go across the top of the screen as well as showing up in the Fireteam list.

I love the fact that you can apply shaders to EVERYTHING now, so that no two Guardians end up looking the same. I just hope there are a lot of ship varieties this time around as I don’t want to be looking at the same ship over and over while in orbit.

I love how buttery smooth and fast all the menus run.  I love that the Director now lets you go where ever you want without having to go back to orbit all the time.  I also love that each planet has it’s own explorable map now and the environments are HUGE and artistically dazzling.  Nessus so far is my favorite of them all.

I never get tired of seeing that Milestone animation appear at the bottom of the screen!  Gorgeous!

The music is, once again, so good that I bought the sound track as soon as it was available.


And now for my thoughts on the main story.

If you’ve gotten this far, please be warned that I’m about to talk about SPOILERS.

At the beginning of the game, seeing our home in flames and ruined was disheartening.  It definitely made me a little sad/angry and motivated me to get revenge on whoever did this.  I had a feeling from the get go that The Speaker was dead as soon as I saw the ruins of his section of the tower, so it wasn’t really a surprise that he ended up dying at the end of the game.  The last thing that he said before he died still sticks with me: “I never said it spoke to me.”  Mind = blown.  In the three years that I’ve been playing this game, it never once dawned on me that The Traveler didn’t actually speak to the Speaker.  Watching him slump to the floor on Ghaul’s ship and seeing his mask fly off and skitter across the floor, you knew that he was gone.  Sadly, now we’ll never know what he looked like under there.

After the last city is attacked and the tower is destroyed, it was extremely uncomfortable watching my character suffer the way he had.  And then, you managed to find your Ghost.  The logical side of me realizes that it’s just a plot device to drive the story but another part of me wants to believe that it is serendipity that I found him.  I’m going to guess in the two days that I was unconscious after unceremoniously being shoved off Ghaul’s ship that Ghost is actually the one that found me; my unconscious form laying in a heap on the ground.  To be lost and cut off from everyone and everything is a kind of personal hell, one that I feel that I know intimately.  But when you’re going through hell, you keep going.

Fuck yeah Winston!

Once we found each other it was time to leave home and try to make our way in the world.

My poor Ghost

Fortunately not long after escaping the city we run into new friends in the form of Hawthorne and her falcon and we go to our new home: The Farm.  Far out in the European Dead Zone (the EDZ for short) there is a shard of The Traveler and near it is an old ruined Farm that has – for the time being – become a home for the remnants of humanity.  It is here that we make our way to the piece of The Traveler and regain our Light.

This definitely emphasizes the ‘chosen one’ shtick that this game and others like to use, but it poses several questions that I doubt will ever get answered.  One of these questions is, if I can regain my light from this shard, why can’t the Vanguard?  Zavala, Ikora and Cayde all seem very melancholy now that they’ve lost their powers and their Ghosts and their connection to The Traveler and the Light.  But why?  Why was I granted my powers back and not them?  It also seems very jarring to me, story wise, that they’re pretending like I’m the only Guardian with light left in existence.  Did they mean to write the script like that?

Anyway, after helping Hawthorne and her friends for a bit we finally find a signal from Zavala on Titan, and this was where the planet hopping goose chase started.  I was glad that I didn’t have to spend ridiculous amounts on time of any of the other planets in the system if I didn’t want to, so all I did do was the main story on each one.  Zavala was ready to fight, Cayde was a bit foolhardy as usual and Ikora was really kicking herself and feeling let down.  I think once she saw that I had the light back and she didn’t, she took it as a personal offense or somehow made her feel unworthy of even still being alive.

I was kind of relieved that I didn’t have to do a lot of arm twisting to get the 3 of them back together again.  It was nice seeing them at the Farm for the short while that we were all there, it made the place feel like it could be home and made it feel intimate in a sense.  I loved it there.

Once we had the three of them back together we had a new and even more terrible problem to deal with besides Ghaul and his occupation: The Almighty.  The Almighty is the Red Legion’s super weapon and their answer for dealing with systems that refuse to bend to their will.  They simply take this massive ship and point it’s “gun” at the star of whatever system they’re in and made it go supernova.  When I heard that this thing was pointed at our Sun, I immediately felt the weight of the world, albeit briefly.  I felt like complete and total failure was a chance and I definitely felt that stakes were getting higher by the minute.  I was kind of let down by how easy it was to sneak on board the thing and take out that gun but I was certainly relieved when it was over.

Once taking out The Almighty was over, it was time to take back the city.  The Vanguard, realizing their own mortality, decided it was either do or die and I was so happy to have them on my side.  This level was very bittersweet as I got my wish from years ago: I got to see the last city up close and personal, finally.  Too bad that most of it was in ruins.  After taking out all the Cabal along the way it was time to fight Ghaul.  I both liked and disliked the fight.  Killing him was relatively easy, but once he was dead, he was dead.  He didn’t pull an Oryx and suddenly vanish only to be trouble later on, there he lay dead on the machine he was using to drain the light from The Traveler.

I was both awed and pleased by what happened next.  As Ghaul’s body lay dead, his “light form” emerged from his corpse and began to mouth off to The Traveler.  I noticed that cracks had begun to form in the cage that surrounded The Traveler and I – along with everyone in the Destiny community – got what we’d been waiting for.  The Traveler woke up!  It shattered the cage and without breaking a sweat, Ghaul was smited right out of existence.  After about 16 hours over the course of two days, I had finished the main story quest in Destiny 2.

You’ve certainly made ME proud Bungie.  You did real good kid, real good.

Once the credits were done rolling, we were treated to one last cut scene.  When The Traveler woke up, a shock wave was sent out into the universe.  First covering Earth, then reaching out to The Reef, then Saturn, then the Kuiper Belt and beyond the bounds of the Milky Way galaxy.  Far out into the darkness of space, the shock wave briefly illuminated something.  What this something is, I have no idea.  What I do know is that we’ve attracted the attention of something.

And it looked like this

Whatever they are, I think it’s something they’ve had planned for a while because that’s concept art from the first game.  I guess in time we will learn whether they are friend, or foe.

I was/am very, very pleased with the game as a whole so far.  There’s so much to do that I don’t think I’m going to have any problems finding something to do like I did with the original.  I think this game fixes everything that was wrong with the first game.

Hey big guy, have a nice nap?

But seriously, The Traveler is awake now?  This is HUGE.  Maybe the Vanguard will get their Ghosts/abilities back?  Maybe a new Golden Age will happen?  Maybe more awful things will come in search of it?  Only time will tell.  I’m both excited and terrified to see where this goes.

I was also a bit bummed out that after all was said and done that we ended up with a brand new Tower as a social space.  I really like The Farm and I hope that they continue to use it for something.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the new digs, and I love that it’s fucking huge compared to the old one (I really really hope that they decorate it for Halloween again this year) I just feel like with a new Tower, The Farm is going to go to waste.  I hope that Bungie proves me wrong.

The new Tower, right next door to the old one.

In closing, I think that Year Four of Destiny is going to be the best year yet!

Missing Persons, part 2

Now that I have completed the main story quest in Destiny 2, it’s time to update my list of NPCs.  Please be aware that there ARE spoilers in the list.

The Tower

  • Master Rahool (survived, unfortunately)
  • Banshee-44 (survived)
  • Xander 99-40 (killed)
  • Tess Everis (survived)
  • Eris Morn (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Lord Shaxx (survived)
  • Arcite 99-40 (killed)
  • Ikora Rey (survived)
  • Cayde-6 (survived)
  • Commander Zavala (survived)
  • Roni 55-30 (killed)
  • Arach Jalaal (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Amanda Holliday (survived)
  • Lakshmi-2 (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Eva Lavante (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Executor Hideo (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • The Speaker (killed)

No one from The Reef or the Iron Temple has been seen or heard from save Tyra Karn who is currently on The Farm.