They Just Keep Moving The Line

So, I’m gonna lay it out there:  I fucking hate the Gutenburg block layout editor for WordPress.  I don’t know why you guys thought this was a good idea, as I feel editing is fine the way it is.  I’ve tried to use Gutenberg a few times and I just don’t like it, but my number one pet peeve is that I can’t change the color of individual words like I did above with hate.  Sure, I can change the formatting of individual words but god fucking forbid that get to change the color of a single word so I can emphasize how much I hate this new editor.

It finally occurred to me yesterday that maybe there’s a way around it and that’s when I discovered WordPress plugins.  Finally, I thought, I don’t have to deal with this shitty editor anymore.  But my elation was short lived.  You see, a few months ago after some internal debate and a lot of nagging emails from WordPress, I finally decided to pony up for a personal account so I could get my own domain and maybe a few more bells and whistles besides.  Turns out that was a mistake on my part and a bit of a letdown.  All I really got out of the deal was the option to customize my URL, remove ads and get bombarded with more WordPress emails nagging me even more to upgrade again to a business account.

Whatever, I thought, I’ll just make it work and see how I feel at the end of the year.  Well, this morning’s incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  You see, in an effort to even use plugins on your WordPress blog you have to have a business account.  So what you’re telling me WordPress, is that you came up with a shitty text editor that (after Google searching ways around it) some people don’t like and if I want to use a plugin to either undo the mess you’ve made or give me the one simple feature that a lot of people don’t understand why the fuck it’s not here (also found during said Google search) I have to pay you even more money just to have the option to to change single words in my word soup paragraphs?  Man, get fucked.  Unless you alter your shitty Gutenberg editor to include this feature, I’m definitely not going to re-up my account at the end of the year and will happily go back to being a free account with all your dumb advertising and awful URL structure.