May 2019 Wrap-Up

Or, the ‘I got my friends sucked into The Division 2 Edition and that’s all I’ve been playing all month’.  Catchy title, right?  Anyway, here’s this month’s list of failures:


Spyro 2:  Ripto’s Rage (PS4)  These people need to learn to make a boss battle that’s actually fun.  The battle with Ripto at the end is total bullshit with several seemingly undodgeable shots from him and then the flying part with the metal pterodactyl where HE can leave the arena but YOU cannot, because that’s totally fair.  3 out of 5, will not play again ever.

  • 1st session:  10 hours, 28 minutes  +9 trophies
  • 2nd session:  38 minutes +1 trophy
  • 3rd session:  31 minutes +0 trophies
  • 4th session:  2 hours, 17 minutes  +3 trophies
  • 5th session:  37 minutes +0 trophies  (beaten May 13)


Glass Masquerade Origins (PS4) An oddly relaxing puzzle game where you rebuild clock faces made of stained glass.  Easy trophies too.

  • 1st session:  35 minutes +3 trophies
  • 2nd session:  31 minutes +3 trophies
  • Status:  Carried over to June.


LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS4)  Hadn’t played a LEGO game in a while and this one was on sale for cheap so I thought ‘why not?’ and then I remembered why I play these rarely.  Platinum #12.

  • 1st session:  2 hours, 13 minutes  +7 trophies
  • 2nd session:  1 hour, 50 minutes  +2 trophies
  • 3rd session:  1 hour, 24 minutes  +1 trophy
  • 4th session:  3 hours, 17 minutes  +5 trophies
  • 5th session:  1 hour, 38 minutes  +1 trophy
  • 6th session:  5 hours, 28 minutes  +6 trophies (beaten May 5th)


Toe Jam & Earl (PS4)  a sometimes funny but mostly infuriating Rogue like where 2 inept aliens and their girlfriends are trying to rebuild the spaceship that they came to and subsequently destroyed Earth with.  Pretty sure once I complete a fixed world run of this game I’m never coming back to it.

  • 1st session:  2 hours, 7 minutes  +7 trophies
  • 2nd session:  3 hours, 31 minutes  +5 trophies
  • Status: Carried over to June


Blaster Master Zero 2 (Switch)  What was billed as a Metroidvania style 2D platformer/adventure game is fun for the most part, but a little disappointing that their idea of a whole planet consists of ONE room and unnecessarily bogs down the experience a little even if it does offer the player more exploration.  Also, the controls for climbing and grabbing ladders are not the best, but over all I’m having fun with it.

  • 1st session:  1 hour, 49 minutes
  • 2nd session:  3 hours, 4 minutes
  • 3rd session:  1 hour
  • 4th session:  1 hour, 52 minutes
  • Status: Carried over to June

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

  • 1st session:  48 minutes
  • 2nd session:  2 hours, 51 minutes
  • Status:  cancelled.  After 2 sessions I remembered why I haven’t touched a Smash game in a long time.  The World of Light mode is entertaining, about on par with Soul Calibur 6’s Libra of Soul mode, but after 2 sessions with it and struggling to make any kind of progress I think it best to walk away from this in an effort to make time for other backlog games.

Games carried over to June:  3

Total Games Beaten for May:  2

Total Games Beaten for 2019:  28

Total Trophies Acquired (April):  53

Total Achievements Acquired (April):  0

Status of Carry Overs from April:  Incomplete

  • Theseus (PSVR) – even thinking about trying that infuriating stealth section just makes me cringe so I haven’t bothered going back to this game yet.
  • Soul Calibur 6 (PS4) – still no stick.
  • Bravely Default (3DS) – STILL working on this game.  Up to chapter 2 and doing mostly side quests and level grinding/job class grinding at this point.
  • Rain World (PS4) – this game is so boring even thinking about trying to beat it puts me to sleep.