Destiny, part 38

Seeing Old Russia and the Cosmodrome again felt good.  For a brief instant I’m transported back a few years and re-living all the time spent in Destiny.  All the enemies fought, the raids completed, the sparrows raced, it’s all flowing through me in a dizzying and euphoric moment.  In that moment in time, I am on a bridge between Destiny and Destiny 2 and the idea of what could be or what might have been fills me with excitement and just as quickly as the tempest begins within my head, it subsides and I’m left an empty husk of a man.

It still bothers me.  Replaying the Thunderlord quest again on my Warlock and the dialogue from Amanda when you scan the wreckage of the car where you were found in the first game still bothers me.  Who was I?  What was I doing here?  And why was I even chosen to be resurrected?

And more importantly, what were the Fallen after when they killed Master Ives?  And why did they kill him?  Hopefully all this gets answered somewhere along the line.