March 2019 Wrap-Up

March was when it came into sharp focus that I have a disproportionate amount of RPGs and not enough time to play them.  Also, the next season of Destiny 2 happened effectively halting my backlog progress for now.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

  • 1st session:  48 minutes
  • Status:  carried over to April.

Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu (Switch)  Edit:  wasn’t too hot on this game at first, but now that I’ve progressed further in I’m liking it more.  Traditional battles versus other trainers are still part of the game, it’s just that the method for encountering and catching wild Pokémon has been changed to the Go method of throwing balls and using berries to calm them down.  I’m not a fan of the fact that Pokémon go into your inventory now and must be managed like other items, sending copies of Pokémon to Professor Oak in exchange for stat boosting candies.  I’ve yet to run out of space for Pokémon so I don’t know if it’s possible to run out of room for them.  So far this game has been a mostly faithful re-creation of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow with some glaring changes (like no more annoying Gary).  This time around the player gets to name your rival, if you want to call him that, and he’s less of an antagonist like Gary and more like another ordinary kid out to be a Pokémon Master.  Only time will tell if he changes.  I also love that they have Alola forms of Pokémon in this game from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Edit #2:  So I’ve just discovered that you can import Pokémon from Pokémon Go into Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu/Eevee (but only Pokémon from the Kanto region and, for whatever reason, Meltan).  After doing this for the first time, I got a Mysterious Box in Pokémon Go that, after using, started making Meltan appear at my feet.  The effect lasted for 30 minutes and I managed to catch 15 of them before the effect wore off.  Now that I know that this works, I don’t need to worry about version exclusive Pokémon AND I’ll be able to get Pokémon that normally you could only get once per playthrough (such as the Fossil Pokémon or Eevee’s evolutions).  It kinda feels like cheating but in the long run of trying to clear out my backlog this will help me finish this game.

  • 1st session:  16 minutes
  • 2nd session:  42 minutes
  • 3rd session:  2 hours
  • 4th session:  29 minutes
  • 5th session:  5 hours, 16 minutes
  • 6th session:  45 minutes
  • 7th session:  30 minutes
  • 8th session:  2 hours, 32 minutes
  • 7th session:  34 minutes
  • 8th session:  12 minutes
  • 9th session:  1 hour, 43 minutes
  • 10th session:  1 hour, 13 minutes
  • 11th session:  6 hours, 36 minutes
  • 12th session:  27 minutes
  • 13th session:  1 hour
  • 14th session:  2 hours, 17 minutes
  • 15th session:  2 hours, 48 minutes
  • 16th session:  7 hours, 2 minutes
  • 17th session:  38 minutes
  • 18th session:  29 minutes
  • 19th session:  1 hour, 36 minutes
  • 20th session:  30 minutes
  • 21st session:  22 minutes
  • 22nd session:  2 hours, 29 minutes
  • 23rd session:  1 hour, 25 minutes (beaten March 8)


Bravely Default (3DS)  I feel like I’m playing a Final Fantasy game.  I do enjoy the auto scrolling and voice acted dialogue sections.  Was not too hot on the battle system at first, but now that I’ve figured it out and I understand it, I like it.  Ringabell and his book are interesting story wise but it gets used as a scapegoat a bit too much.  The whole camera zoom out if you don’t move thing is a little weird but gives you the opportunity to see all of an area in its hand crafted beauty.

  • 1st session:  9 minutes
  • 2nd session:  1 hour, 11 minutes
  • 3rd session:  58 minutes
  • 4th session:  39 minutes
  • 5th session:  31 minutes
  • 6th session:  30 minutes
  • 7th session:  51 minutes
  • 8th session:  1 hour, 42 minutes
  • 9th session:  46 minutes
  • 10th session:  47 minutes
  • 11th session:  44 minutes
  • 12th session:  16 minutes
  • 13th session:  17 minutes
  • Status:  carried over to April.


The Division 2 (PS4)  After a LENGTHY install process, it’s time to take back DC!  A bit disappointed that the character creator is so different from the first game that I couldn’t re-create my agent from The Division.  Which means I can’t continue with my weird head cannon / fan fiction that my agent from The Division went on to South America in Ghost Recon:  Wildlands after the mess in NYC was cleaned up.  So I guess this is a whole new agent with a new story to tell.  There’s SO MUCH TO DO in this game (not that that’s a bad thing) that I’ve been going to bed late the last few days.

  • 1st session:  3 hours, 16 minutes +1 trophy
  • 2nd session:  2 hours, 24 minutes  +0 trophies
  • 3rd session:  1 hour, 7 minutes +0 trophies
  • 4th session:  3 hours, 25 minutes  +1 trophy
  • 5th session:  1 hour, 24 minutes  +0 trophies
  • 6th session:  4 hours, 33 minutes  +3 trophies
  • Status:  carried over to April.

Rain World (PS4)  I have no idea what the fuck this game is beyond uninteresting and apparently about eating and hibernating and avoiding other “animals”.

  • 1st session:  56 minutes +0 trophies
  • Status:  carried over to April.

Runner3 (PS4)  I have to say that messing with the formula in this game was a bad idea.  Switching camera angles makes getting collectibles in a single run extremely irritating and at times, flat out impossible.  Periodically I have to hammer the square button to get Commander Video to kick an obstacle since it seems the intended single button press does not work.  And oh yeah, like we needed boss battles in a game like this?

  • 1st session:  1 hour, 29 minutes +5 trophies
  • 2nd session:  1 hour, 27 minutes  +1 trophy
  • Status:  carried over to April.

Bubsy:  The Woolies Strike Back (PS4)  I find it counterintuitive that Bubsy does NOT double jump, but instead you have to glide in order to reach higher places.  Level designs are pretty (mostly the backgrounds are pretty), but its some of the most boring and uninspired platforming I’ve ever played.  Bubsy’s constant babbling is annoying after a while.  Playing this does NOT motivate me to ever try any of the older Bubsy games.

  • 1st session:  1 hour, 27 minutes +1 trophy
  • 2nd session:  1 hour, 52 minutes +4 trophies (beaten March 11)

Everything is more or less on hold because the Season of the Drifter is going hot and heavy in Destiny 2…but is it better than the Black Armory?  Stay tuned.


Games carried over to April:  5 (plus 4 from January)

Total Games Beaten for March:  2

Total Games Beaten for 2019:  23

Total Trophies Acquired (March):  16

Total Achievements Acquired (March):  0

Status of Carry Overs From February:  Incomplete