The Black Armory(Preview)

Destiny, part 35

I was going to wait a bit and write about the first piece of Destiny 2’s annual pass content, but I have to get this out of my system right now.  If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a fucking retcon.  Well, sometimes I don’t hate them, but anyway.

This DLC begins with Spider requesting that you come see him, at which point he reveals that he’s known about the Black Armory and that they need your help.  So then you go to The Tower, to a previously inaccessible  and very long hallway that leads to this:

Like nobody knew this thing was back here this WHOLE time?  Seriously?!  Ok then…

Once you open the door, so to speak, you’re met with a dimly lit room with a few weapon displays and an unfamiliar female Exo that is not too happy to see you.  Her name is Ada-1 (I mean really Bungie?  You do know we’re all just gonna keep calling her Ada Wong, right?) and she’s apparently been here this whole time.  I can suspend disbelief with the best of them, but this shit takes the cake.  I find it hard to swallow that there’s an Exo that’s NEVER been rebooted, been hiding in the Tower this whole time peddling Golden Age weaponry and Zavala doesn’t know about it?!  Come on…

She don’t like you.  She don’t like none of you.

Never the less, this animatronic grouch puts you right back on the loot grind treadmill that you thought you were free from by tasking you with finding The Black Armory’s lost forge that’s conveniently located somewhere in the EDZ.  After breezing through some dumb quest steps that involve a lot of mindless killing under ridiculous conditions, you finally can get to the first of the forges found inside the caves near the Cabal base in the Sunken Isles of the EDZ.  

The Forge is a timed public style event where you have to get 20 balls into the forge before time runs out.  The enemies that carry the balls in question don’t seem to spawn fast enough for us to accomplish this, as we tried 4 times to get it done but failed every time.  Now we’re back to – once again – trying to reach the Light Level cap (now 650) so we can continue with the Black Armory story.

I have to say that so far I’m not terribly impressed with what I’ve seen and played of this new season.  If anything this content feels like a reason to keep players grinding away at the 3 week cycles of the Taken Curse on the Dreaming City until Mara’s scheme is finally revealed to us.

Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and we’ll see just how much of this shit actually happens too.