Nocturnal Reverie

I stand in the ruins of my kitchen in my pajamas with a beanie on my messily shaven head, stirring the ingredients of my dinner bowl together while I listen to the washing machine try to drown out Christina Aguilera belting out ‘What A Girl Wants’ from the living room. Mom would probably say that my kitchen isn’t “in ruins” and wouldn’t look so bad if I’d just finish the floor, at which point I’d just give her another eye roll and go to hell glare.

I walk back to the living room and scribble ‘Nutcracker and the Four Realms’ on a piece of paper (so I don’t forget to pre-order since it’s not available yet on Amazon) before closing my Amazon wish list tab and proceeding to eat while my porn tumblr downloads. I had planned on photographing the moment I press the ‘delete’ button on my tumblr account, but what for?

The party invitation from Scott scrolls endlessly across the screen on my TV, goading me to eat faster so I can log in to begin whatever meaningless missions we decide to undergo in Destiny 2 tonight. All I really want to do is lay here and eat and maybe write.

Going through the day to day motions is not fun. The only bright spot is that my mouth hurts significantly less today than it has in the last five.