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Destiny, part 34

It’s been a rather tumultuous season since Forsaken launched.  I’ve single-handedly gathered more members for the clan, poaching friends from other clans and slowly added them to our ranks.  Each time I asked Claire if so and so could join the clan, I feared I would get lectured or told no, but was always told yes and my friends were met with open arms.  It makes me feel good that there’s still some good people left in the world.  These days, instead of dreading logging in and listening to constant complaints and bitching about Bungie/Destiny, the game is fun again now that I’m with people that actually want to do the harder end game content.  Not gonna lie, when we’re all on together now, it feels like this:

Forsaken By The Numbers

Aside from the clan roster changes, it’s been a very busy 3 months since Forsaken launched.  Let’s take a look:


  • Items:  1737/1983
    • Exotics:  97/112
    • Weapons:  347/376
    • Armor:  727/856
    • Ghost Shells:  93/100
    • Vehicles:  168/182
    • Flair:  305/357
  • Badges:  4/10
    • Exotics:  Red War – still missing that fucking shotgun from Leviathan
    • Exotics:  Curse of Osiris and Warmind – Completed
    • Exotics:  Forsaken – out of 15 I only have 7 Titan, 8 Hunter and 9 Warlock
    • Destinations:  Red War – Completed
    • Destinations:  Curse of Osiris and Warmind – Missing armor pieces from Escalation Protocol for Titan (1) and Hunter (5) plus (3) from Mercury
    • Destinations:  Forsaken – Completed
    • Destinations:  Dreaming City – missing 2 items:  Pallas Galliot ship and [Unknown]
    • Forged In Fire – did very little Crucible all season yet somehow managed to get 10/16 for Hunter and Warlock and 7/16 for Titan
    • Playing For Keeps – I love Gambit but I fucking hate Gambit at the same time.  11/19 for Warlock, 9/19 for Hunter and 13/19 for Titan
    • Raid:  Last Wish – 9/19 Warlock, 7/19 Hunter, 7/19 Titan


  • Triumphs:  564/910  [Total Score:  41700]
    • Account:  86/119
    • Destinations:  154/173 [fuck Mercury]
    • Events:  8/18
    • Gambit:  38/98
    • Crucible:  30/187 [fuck Crucible too]
    • Vanguard:  111/138
      • Nightfall:  Lake of Shadows 127,732
      • Nightfall:  The Insight Terminus  106,342
      • Nightfall:  The Corrupted  146,752
      • Nightfall:  The Hollowed Lair  98,392
      • Nightfall:  Warden of Nothing  145,860
      • Nightfall:  The Pyramidion  0
      • Nightfall:  The Inverted Spire  116,501
      • Nightfall:  Exodus Crash  0
      • Nightfall:  The Arms Dealer  134,200
      • Nightfall:  Savathun’s Song  21,432
      • Nightfall:  A Garden World  185,108
      • Nightfall:  Tree of Probabilities  135,804
      • Nightfall:  Strange Terrain  162,061
      • Nightfall:  Will of the Thousands  0
      • Overall Nightfall Rank for Season 4:  13.80 [Damnit – just short of getting the gun from Zavala]
    • Lore:  138/177
    • Seals:  1/6
      • Destination Seal Unlocked  [Title:  Wayfarer]
      • Gambit Seal 2/11
      • Crucible Seal 3/10
      • Lore 4/10
      • The Dreaming City 8/11
      • Raids 3/16

Other Accomplishments

We managed to accomplish quite a bit together as a clan on top of acquiring things on endless lists of triumphs, collectibles, and Nightfall scores.  During the end of the second cycle of the Taken curse on The Dreaming City, we managed to get the infamous Wish Ender bow.  Once we figured out how to get it and how easy it was, we started helping everyone in the clan get it.  At this time, just about everyone has it.  We completed the first Destiny 2 Halloween event – Festival of the Lost – this time run by Amanda Holliday and managed to get a very nice Light Level 600 Auto Rifle:  Horror Story.  This gun helped me pave the way to reaching 600 on all my Guardians.  Our next accomplishment was helping everyone get Whisper of the Worm, the deadliest sniper rifle currently in the game.  I’ve very much enjoyed running the anomaly with everyone as that is my favorite kind of challenge in the whole of Destiny 2.  If they ever decide to make another, I hope it’s just as intense and challenging as this one was.  At this point I can run it in my sleep.  I’ve even gone as far as running it for someone else using PS4 Share Play and was successful despite a considerable amount of lag.  I’m still trying to get the quest for Malfeasance, and have come close only once, but I plan on keeping it up until I get it.  I’ve got the beginning of the quest for Chaperone but haven’t started it yet as I truly hate Crucible.

Tomorrow, we embark on our journey into Destiny 2, year 5, season 5 and the first part of Bungie’s season pass content (next Tuesday).  I’m still skeptical that any of it is going to be worthwhile considering Bungie’s track record in the past (looking at you Dark Below, House of Wolves, Curse of Osiris and Warmind) but I’m willing to give them a chance.  I did state that I’d give them at least this year to impress me before moving on to other games, so we’ll see.