So for a while I had been considering the purchase of an Xbox One X ever since it was revealed that Microsoft was planning on making original Xbox and Xbox 360 games backward compatible with their new machine.  I wasn’t really in any hurry to pick one up, but last month when I finally took the plunge and bought a 4K TV after experiencing gaming on the one that my boyfriend has, the desire to pick up the One X intensified until I decided to go for it yesterday.  I’ve spent pretty much all day today re-downloading everything that I had previously purchased on Xbox One, dealing with a lot of lag on Destiny 2 as my Xbox filled itself with lots of digital goodness.

Part of the allure of the One X was – well, is – the idea that I could finally share the world I’d built in Minecraft on PS4 with others.  Since Sony isn’t being friendly with the competition in terms of allowing cross play, I was pretty sure that the idea of my being able to share what I’d built on PS4 was either never going to happen or wouldn’t happen for a very long time (and with a ton of consumer complaints).  I had never intended to revealing this to anyone, but my original intention of my Minecraft creation was so that people had something to remember me by when I had departed this mortal coil and maybe add a few touches here and there as they saw fit.  Once it came to light that cross play wasn’t going to be a thing between the PlayStation ecosystem and others, I began to dreadfully think of re-creating my world within the Xbox ecosystem and establishing a realm that people might be able to access.  The hope that I had was quickly snuffed out.

First, it was brought to my attention that the realms were only accessible by a very small number of people.  But then again, it’s not like I was expecting the whole of the earth’s population to visit my virtual grave, was I?  No big deal, I thought, I only mean for this to matter to a small number of people anyway.  The second thing was something that I was blindsided by and now I’m pretty upset and not sure how to proceed.  You see, when you create a new world in Minecraft (or save file, if you prefer) the game generates the world randomly and gives that world an identifying number, or seed.  My intention was to take the seed number from my PS4 save (found in the title of this post) and plug it into the Xbox game and rebuild my world brick by brick, meticulously switching between the versions of the game and placing things exactly as they were.  However, it seems that seed numbers don’t translate between platforms, so now I’m left with the thought of ‘what am I going to do?’ and ‘fuck it, I’m done.’  It also doesn’t help matters that the Xbox One X version of the game has crashed 3 times trying to generate a new world.

Tooling around with the various choices at my disposal, I came across the option to make my Minecraft world infinite which has somewhat given me some hope that this mess is somehow salvageable.  Rolling the dice one more time before calling it a night, I generate a new Creative/Peaceful Mode seed and spend a few minutes flying around trying to find a new place to being again.  Standing on top of a hill, a whole new world spread before me like a blank canvas – Tomorowland.  Narnia – the world I created on PS4 – I suppose will remain there until such time as I can share it beyond the borders of the PlayStation City State.  For now, it is time to rest and decide where I want to go from here.