PlayStation 2017 Year in Review

Got a really cool email last month from PlayStation that tracked my gaming throughout 2017.  So without further adieu, here’s 2017 by the numbers:

January 2, 2017 – first game played was The Division and the first trophy I earned was Medic!

Over the course of 2017 I played 1,882 hours on PS4 across 152 games.  The most progress was in March with 214 hours of gameplay.

The top 3 games I played across 2017 were:

  1. Destiny with 373 hours
  2. Destiny 2 with 327 hours
  3. Minecraft with 306 hours

(Geez, no wonder I can’t get anything in my backlog finished)

The top genre I played was First Person Shooter (thank you captain obvious)

I earned a total of 628 trophies all year.  453 Bronze, 132 Silver, 41 Gold and 2 Platinum (fail) but that does put me in the top 10% of all PlayStation trophy earners, so I guess there’s that.  June was my highest trophy earning month with 114 trophies earned.  The first Platinum trophy I earned in 2017 was in The Division.  I earned 628 trophies in 2017 versus 385 in 2016.

Most played online game was The Division.

Gonna be tough to beat that lineup in 2018, but I’ll give it my best shot.