Gaming Goals in 2018

With 2017 behind us, it’s time for me to start thinking ahead to 2018 and the things in gaming that I want to achieve this year.  I haven’t gotten in as much gaming in the last couple months as I would have liked thanks to the holidays, but now that winter is upon us maybe I can get back into the groove.  I’ve compiled a list of things that I want to do this year, and it doesn’t sound like I’m going to be bored!  Here we go:

  • Participate in the ’52 games in a year’ challenge to see how many I can finish.  Last year I think I clocked in somewhere in the 30-40 range.
  • Get 100% in Super Mario Odyssey
  • Finish routes C, D and E in Nier: Automata (even though I already know how the game ends) and maybe work toward the platinum.
  • Finish finding all the Korok Seeds and Shrines in Breath of the Wild and maybe give Master Mode a shot (though I doubt I’ll have the patience to stick with it).  Might also revisit the Champion’s Ballad DLC.
  • Start a New Game+ playthrough for Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy 15, and the DS version of Chrono Trigger (gotta get the rest of those endings!)
  • Play more retro games!  I’ve started rebuilding my collection, so I think it’s time to give those old games a replay and see how I feel about them after all these years.
  • Start a fresh game of Fallout 4 with all the DLC.
  • Play more PSVR games!  Hopefully I’ll be able to overcome my bouts of motion sickness soon.

I’ll post updates through out the year marking my progress toward this list.  Stay tuned!