Simulation Theory

Destiny, part 27

Time for the Curse of Osiris.  While I don’t find it to be as disappointing as some of the community, I do find it to be very grindy like The Dark Below was for Destiny 1.  It’s almost like Bungie didn’t learn a thing from the first game and feels like they’re making the same choices and mistakes all over again.  Meeting Osiris (finally) was cool as was getting to explore a bit of Mercury, I just wish it had been a larger play space with more to do.  I also don’t like that I can’t use my sparrow, yet I can capture and use enemy vehicles, because that makes sense.  The space isn’t big enough that you really need a vehicle anyway, but it would be nice to have that option.

Other than the Lighthouse behind me, that’s pretty much the entirety of the new space.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new gear and cosmetic items, it just feels like it takes forever to get them unless you want to pay for in game currency (Bright Dust/Bright Engrams).  Not sure how I feel about the Masterwork weapons as I have yet to get one that I like.  I’ve so far dismantled every one of them since it’s a gun type I prefer not to use.  I do find it odd that in this expansion, the Region Chests don’t seem to be account bound but are instead character bound (for the expansion content only) and it’s pretty lame that there’s only one Lost Sector on the whole map.

I hope I get one of these for each of my characters.  I love my scout rifles.
Looks cozy and intimate, just wish it had stayed that way instead of opening the shutters.

It was also nice getting to see the revamped Lighthouse and using it as a quaint little social hub, but I’m sure in time it will be abandoned once the next expansion(s) hits.

It’s also annoying having to deal with Brother Fanboy over here.  I like the old version of him from Destiny 1 that didn’t speak as much.

As a tech junkie, I like that the Vex have a planet sized simulation machine called The Infinite Forest, I’m just disappointed that once the story quests for the expansion are over with you can’t go back in whenever you want and that it’s not used for anything else.  I feel like it’s a missed opportunity to turn the Infinite Forest into a play space similar to that of the Underground in The Division, where you could set up parameters for a mission (or in this case, a simulation) and go in and run it.  I mean, with a collectible called Simulation Seeds it seems like this would have been a no brainer.

The gateway to madness

There are some amazing vistas in this expansion.  Something I’ve come to expect in every Bungie game.
These hallways are neat, but a bit too long.
Destiny 2: Minecraft Edition.  Or how about what Minecraft would look like in 4K?

I think I managed to plow through the story content in about 5 to 6 hours on launch day and have been playing off and on since then, doing the usual loot grind treadmill thing that I’ve come to expect from Destiny 2.  The rest of the clan doesn’t seem so hot on the game right now, especially the clan leader.  He makes it sound like he’s not coming back to the game at all and is very vocally negative about it and has even gone back to the first game because it feels more rewarding and fun to him.  This is also coming after his tirade a few weeks back about how most of the clan left in his absence from the game and he vowed to play it more, and planned on helping people level up and so on and so on.  If he and the others aren’t willing to continue playing then why do I bother to grind for Clan XP so everyone else can benefit from my work?  I might be the next to jump ship and join another clan or make my own, I haven’t decided yet.  I suppose it all depends on what happens with the next expansion in 2018.

Anyway, story wise I thought this expansion was interesting, but a bit short with overused tropes.  Like, why is it when we encounter a hive mind race in something, there’s always a “mastermind” at the center of it.

In this case, it’s this guy: Panoptes.

I’m also not too hot on the idea that instead of adding anything of substantial value to the game in the form of new strikes or even a new raid, they bolted on a new section to the already existing raid and called it a “raid lair” and turned a couple of the story missions into strikes which is a little disappointing and feels rather lazy to me.  I just wish I could get the clan to commit to and actually complete the raid (or the lair) and do it regularly, but at this point it’s whatever.  I feel that if I’m ever going to see that raid or the lair to completion I’m just going to have to turn to outside sources for help.

Overall, I think this expansion adds a nice little touch to the game in terms of lore and story, but I feel like it should have been given out for free or sold at a significantly lower price (like $5).  There are a few cosmetic items that I want, like a couple ships and ghost shells, but I’m not going to throw anymore money at the game hoping that I get them.  If I don’t get them through grinding the traditional way then I’m just not going to get them.  This will hopefully lead to me breaking the habit of playing this game/franchise altogether so I can move on to my backlog and play something else.

Until I decide what my relationship with this game is going to be, and whether or not the rest of the clan decides to come back, I guess I’ll be over here in the Lighthouse with Brother Stupid keeping the faith.