What I’m Listening To, part 11

The way these posts work is, I’m going to post the lyrics with my thoughts in between the lines like this.

Haddaway – Another Day Without You

There are moments in our lives
When everything goes right
And we’re making love
Endless love
And then we have all these days
Where we go separate ways
A heart full of pain
And no one’s to blame
It’s just another day
Without you
Without you
It’s just another day
Without you
Without you
Many times we throw away
What we regret the next day
And we say Good-Bye
Forever Good-Bye!!
And I don’t know what it is
Just a game of hit and miss?
I wonder how long
We can go on?

For everyone that I’ve ever lost in my life:  momma, daddy, granny, aunt Jewel, Mr. & Mrs. Crawley, Tyler, Max, Jeffery, Ivey and Candice.  It’s just another day without you, but I’ll be fine.