Year Four, Month One

Destiny, part 25

Mixed emotions of aggravation, elation and boredom have begun to set in.  My path to the Destiny 2 platinum has hit something of an impasse.  I only have 3 trophies left to collect before the platinum is mine: The Prestige (Complete the Leviathan raid or Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty)  Belly Of The Beast (Complete the Leviathan raid) and Lest Ye Be Judged (Encounter an Emissary from beyond).  The only one that I forsee actually being the problem is Lest Ye Be Judged since that requires you to win a fucking Trials of the Nine match.  The Prestige I know I’ll get at some point once everyone in the clan is comfortable with the Nightfall and all the associated modifiers (at the time of this writing, to my knowledge, Prestige difficulty for Leviathan hasn’t been added to the game) and obtaining Belly Of The Beast is coming closer and closer as time goes by.

This past week, we managed to learn the mechanics behind The Gauntlet room and The Bathhouse room and we got to the Pleasure Gardens and started to learn it, but, due to time we decided to give it a couple tries then just go for the treasure chests instead.

I was introduced to The Gauntlet after a long 9 hour shift (my first day back to work after being on vacation with Matty last week) and I wasn’t really feeling up to it but ultimately I’m glad I sucked it up and gave it a try.  I took over Matty’s role as one of the 2 runners and found it to be an enjoyable experience.  I volunteered to be a runner every time and the clan seems to like that idea since I picked up on it fairly quickly.  Basically I have to run an obstacle course with the other runner to charge an orb while the rest of the team fights off adds and opens gates as I approach.  Once the course is complete I dunk the orb in a fountain in the center of the room then we do that 2 more times.  The second and third time, however, there are parts of the floor in the obstacle course that are missing, so jumping must be precise and careful.  The third time through the course, the entire team is running and my task is to skip the second gate and only recharge my orb on gates 1, 3 and 4.  Once the team passes through  the finish line for that round the room is complete.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy, though I did die before reaching the third gate because I apparently wasn’t running fast enough but at least I know how this room works.

One of the many rooms in the “underground” of the Leviathan raid.

The next night, we were introduced to The Bathhouse and this was where my patience was tested.  Basically, there are 4 buttons in the room and they must remain pressed in order to raise lanterns in the central chamber and those lanterns must be destroyed in order to pass the room.  Sounds easy, right?  Never in my life (aside from that shit ass bomb level in Gears of War 2) have I ever wanted to punch people in the face so hard.  What you have to do is split up into 2 teams of 3 people and rotate out and keep a buff going (Psion somethingorother) on your character so you don’t die while submerged in a liquid that slowly kills you while you’re sitting on your button all while fighting off adds.  Once the alarm is sounded, everyone comes to the center chamber and stands on the button there and fires at the lanterns.  We died over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for about 2 solid hours before we finally got it.  I was ready to ragequit after 45 minutes, but thanks to Claire and her girlfriend Michelle we persevered.  If I ever make it to the U.K. I’m buying those two whatever they want for dinner.  (This is the same Claire that taught us how to defeat Oryx in King’s Fall, so I definitely owe her one!)

After this, we tried the Pleasure Gardens and I think this room is going to take a while to complete…

Faction Rally

Last week, we were introduced to Destiny’s first Faction Rally.  This time around, instead of just picking a faction and grinding ranks with them in order to get more loot, they sort of had a purpose.  Whichever faction gained the most ranks (support) they would sell whatever weapon they had on offer.  Dead Orbit had a scout rifle, New Monarchy had a shitty sidearm and Future War Cult had something in hideous colors.  In order to appease the clan I went with Future War Cult on my Titan but I went with (and secretly rooted for) Dead Orbit with my warlock.  I honestly didn’t care who won the rally because I didn’t find any of the weapons on offer to be anything particularly spectacular.

New Monarchy a.k.a. The Republican Party
Future War Cult.  I still can’t deal with their hideous color scheme.
Dead Orbit.  Bitches love Dead Orbit.

I find it a little odd that Dead Orbit and Future War Cult are literally next door neighbors in the hangar and New Monarchy is all the way across the tower away from both of them.  I wonder why that is?  Come to think of it, it was like that in the first Destiny game as well.  Either way, I went with Dead Orbit and Future War Cult on my characters and did things here and there even though I was (ahem) a little preoccupied last week with someone special.  Anyway, I logged in tonight after work and was greeted with this:


So now came the realization of what happened which certainly cleared up all the confusion that was going around about what would happen when one of the factions won.  You see, at first there was talk among the clan that the faction that lost the rally would still have their weapon on offer, but at a cost of 5,000 glimmer while the winning faction would be selling their weapon at a cost of 1,000 glimmer.  I thought this sounded a bit strange from the beginning but decided to just let it play out and see what was what once the dust had settled.  It turns out that the winning faction did indeed sell their weapon for 1,000 glimmer – but only to their supporters.  Non Dead Orbit players had to pony up 50,000 glimmer if they wanted the gun – not 5,000.  Also, both the losing factions have nothing for sale for their supporters.  Nothing at 1,000 glimmer, nothing at 5,000 glimmer, just nothing at all.  I kinda feel like this whole thing was just a dumb waste of time over all (I have the Dead Orbit gun but I haven’t tried it out yet to see if it’s even worth a shit) and if I had known that my clan mates would get shit out of their faction’s weapon I would have devoted to Future War Cult on both characters instead of just one.

I also don’t like the fact that, now that the event is over, you don’t seem to be able to switch factions if you want.  I don’t really care for my characters to look like corporate shills in any way, because my viewpoint on Destiny is that we’re trying to rebuild everything and reclaim our planet and the only thing the factions want to do is just argue and nitpick over dumb shit.  I don’t care if New Monarchy thinks we need better leadership.  The Speaker is dead now so I hope you fuckers are happy.  I don’t care if Dead Orbit thinks we should just turn tail and run.  I can sort of support that idea, but at the same time our enemies will get Earth (and the Traveler) over my dead body.  As for Future War Cult, I can get behind that ideology too, I just can’t stand the color scheme.  I can’t.  I really, really can’t.  The only faction shaders I like (this time around) is New Monarchy.

I mean just look at that!  Unf!  But, whatever.  I was told by clan mates that I’ll be able to change factions once this event is over.  I don’t know that I’ll participate in the next (or subsequent) faction rallies since this one was so disappointing.

Oh and I finally got this thing too.  It’s weird.