Year Four, Week Three

Destiny, part 24

I fucking hate this game.  I.  Fucking.  Hate.  This.  Game.  Right now I feel like the most pathetic Destiny 2 player on Earth.  Out of all possible opportunities I’ve had since launch to complete Nightfall, I’ve only managed to get it once.  On top of that, I’ve picked up the notorious Rat King exotic quest, which, at first I thought was going to be as annoying as the Outbreak Prime quest was back in Destiny since you have to complete parts of the quest with other players who also have the gun/quest, but this time everything was fairly easy to do until getting to the final step:  complete Nightfall with 5 minutes left on the clock.  At first I didn’t think this was going to be that difficult, but at the rate we’ve been going I think I’d have better luck learning how to read and write in Madarin Chinese.

We also haven’t made a lick of progress in the Leviathan raid and considering the people that I’m playing with, I doubt that we’ll ever clear it at this rate.  We got as far as the first puzzle/room on Monday and this is going to take a lot of practice and more patience than I think this group has.

I’ll get you next time Gadget!

Also this week, I thought I was having a breakthrough in my absolute hatred of Crucible.  There’s a couple of trophies on the list – Show Me What You Got and Lest Ye Be Judged – that once I learned the truth behind them I had a feeling were going to be trouble.  I was right.  Monday night after the raid group fell apart, I decided to start working on Show Me What You Got which requires you to complete Lord Shaxx’s Call to Arms Milestone for the first time.  I was having a good time and I even managed to accomplish this:

The only reason I didn’t get the trophy that night was because I stopped playing about 5 minutes before weekly reset happened thinking I could just pick it up in a little while and continue from where I stopped (which was at 95%) but much to my horror, as reset occurred, I lost all my progress.  There went about an hour’s worth of work right down the toilet.  Frustrated and defeated, I decided to call it a night and go to bed.  Next day (today) my clan mates said they’d help me out.  Well, that was all well and good until my PS4 decided it was going to be an uncooperative bitch and tell me five times that my Destiny 2 data was corrupted and that I’d have to take the disc out, delete the game and reinstall it.  No fucking way was I going to do that, not while my friends were on.  So I kept taking the disc out and putting it right back in, but my PS4 decided it was just not going to do what I wanted.  I took the advice of a clan mate and rebuilt the PS4 database to see if that would fix the problem (it didn’t) only to watch as alllllllllll the fucking games that were nice and neat and organized into folders were now strewn helter-skelter across my god damn cross media bar in a long, continuous, mockery of ogranization.

Fuck my life.  Fuck it hard.

As everyone decided to call it a night, I pressed on and continued to have a shit day in the Crucible losing match after match but watching that infernal percentage slowly creep it’s way to 100%.  Around the 95% mark, I get the data corruption error again and I decide I’ve had enough at this point.  I remove the disc, disconnect the external drive, took a deep breath and screamed at the top of my lungs (no I didn’t say what’s going on) as I deleted the game and then reinstalled it on the PS4 internal drive.  I sat in silent, miserable contemplation and wondered what it was that I did that was so awful that the universe decided that it was just going to shit in my corn flakes today.  I read an article about ‘messy games’ on Polygon as the 6GB patch re-downloaded to my PS4.  Once it was done, I returned to the misery of the Crucible and I kept going until the bloody Milestone was complete.

I finally got my god damned trophy.

After that was finally over, I called it a night.  I also decided that I still fucking hate Crucible.  Which brings me back to the other trophy I mentioned earlier…

Lest Ye Be Judged is, unfortunately, not about Xur like I had hoped.  It’s about meeting an Emissary of The Nine which you can only do by completing Trials of the Nine (the Destiny 2 replacement for Trials of Osiris) and you can only access Trials of the Nine after you’ve completed Shaxx’s Call to Arms at least once.  Now that that Milestone is done I have access to Trials and I’m going to keep putting myself through hell until I get the trophy for meeting the Emissary then I’m never doing Crucible or Trials again as long as the servers live.

Once that’s over with all I need to do is complete the raid (somehow) and complete a Nightfall on Prestige difficulty (kill me now) and get all the Hunter subclasses and I’ll have the Destiny 2 platinum.  I’m glad I’m taking a break from this fucking game while I’m on vacation next week.