Year Four, Week Two

Destiny, part 23

I think I’m beginning to either get burned out or overwhelmed or perhaps both.  Every waking moment that I’m not at work (which has been every day since the game released thanks to hurricane Irma) has been spent playing Destiny 2 and learning the game inside and out like I did the first one.  What I’ve learned so far:

Upon Weekly Rest

  1. All the Milestones in your Director reset (Challenges, Raid Completion, Nightfall Completion, Flashpoint Completion.  I suppose Crucible does as well though I’ve avoided doing any Crucible for the time being as I hate PvP)
  2. Eververse has new inventory items (yay for rotating inventory!)
  3. Ikora’s Meditations reset (though you only have to do them once and not once for each character)
  4. Cayde-6 has new treasure maps (these are supposed to coincide with whatever planet is chosen as the Flashpoint for the week, but we shall see if the pattern holds.)
  5. Any Auras you have equipped on your character are removed (currently the only way I know to get one is to do Nightfall on Prestige Difficulty a.k.a. fucking hard mode.)

That’s a lot of shit to do.  Granted that you can complete Cayde’s treasure maps and Ikora’s Meditations with just one character, but then there’s still the laundry list of Milestones left for all three of your characters to do.  Just the thought of having to repeat this week after week already has me tired and rushing to my bed to throw the blanket over my head and shout NO! at the top of my lungs.

Add to this the fact that we still have a new raid – The Leviathan – to learn and complete.  Year Four is shaping up to be a very busy one indeed.  I was afraid of running out of things to do like Year One, but at this time, there’s so much to do it will likely keep me busy until the first expansion is released.

I can already hear my backlog silently judging me.


I’ve been internally debating back and forth over how to tackle this.  I want to continue to help my clan level up (we just reached level 2 tonight!) but I don’t want to have to be stuck with a laundry list every Tuesday.  My debate is this:

  • Constrain my list to 2 characters (Warlock and Titan) and pick and choose what to do each night after work, and still have other games in rotation so as not to hit Destiny burnout.  OR:
  • Keep all 3 characters (Warlock, Titan, Hunter) and only play the Hunter if it’s absolutely necessary once I level it up completely.  OR:
  • Play the Hunter just long enough to get the Trophy for Hunter subclasses then delete it so as not to be tempted to even think about playing it.

It’s pretty likely that I’ll only keep the Hunter long enough to get the trophy then delete it as I was never good at playing then in the first game.  This way, I can keep the amount of shit I have to do to a somewhat minimum.  I’m now only 6 trophies away from the Platinum and one of them really has me perplexed:

Is it Xur?

Who the hell could this Emissary be?  The fact that ZERO percent of the community has me thinking that it’s going to be Xur since the first Friday that he’s supposed to arrive hasn’t happened just yet (he’ll be here in like 2 hours) and if it’s not Xur…then who?

What’s up you big bitch?