Missing Persons, part 2

Now that I have completed the main story quest in Destiny 2, it’s time to update my list of NPCs.  Please be aware that there ARE spoilers in the list.

The Tower

  • Master Rahool (survived, unfortunately)
  • Banshee-44 (survived)
  • Xander 99-40 (killed)
  • Tess Everis (survived)
  • Eris Morn (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Lord Shaxx (survived)
  • Arcite 99-40 (killed)
  • Ikora Rey (survived)
  • Cayde-6 (survived)
  • Commander Zavala (survived)
  • Roni 55-30 (killed)
  • Arach Jalaal (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Amanda Holliday (survived)
  • Lakshmi-2 (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Eva Lavante (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Executor Hideo (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • The Speaker (killed)

No one from The Reef or the Iron Temple has been seen or heard from save Tyra Karn who is currently on The Farm.