Reset Terminus

Destiny, part 19

Tonight is the last weekly reset for Destiny before Destiny 2 hits next week.  I know it’s not like they’re going to turn Destiny off once part 2 begins (at least they better not, I know a certain someone that hasn’t done any of the raids yet) and it will still be there if I ever want to go back and play it.  I take comfort in that.

I thought, for the sake of posterity, I would record the state of the game for this last reset.  A sort of snap shot, signaling the end of a 3 year long journey, before the beginning of our fourth year in Bungie’s sci-fi universe.  Without further ado:

The Featured Raid:  King’s Fall

Challenge of the Elders:  Catapult, Precision Kill Bonus, Small Arms

Nightfall:   The Wretched Eye with Epic, Fresh Troops, Match Game, Catapult, Exposure

Heroic Strikes:  Heroic, Arc Burn, Specialist, Exposure

Weekly Story:  Dark Champions playlist with Heroic, Berserk, Brawler

Crucible:  Mayhem Clash