What I’m Playing, part 13

Talisman:  Digital Edition

One of my all time favorite board games has finally come to PSN!  It’s a bit on the expensive side ($30 USD) but at least it includes ALL the expansions currently available for the physical copy of the game.  If you’ve never played the game before and this is your first time, the only small mercy is that there’s plenty of pop ups that explain how things work and whats going on at any given time.  On the bad side, playing against the computer is total bullshit and positively boring so, unless you’re a glutton for punishment, find some friends to play it with instead!

  • Is the platinum attainable:  Yes with a lot of luck (win a game without losing a life?  holy shit…)
  • % of trophies at the time of writing according to PSN: 0%