Days of Iron, part 5

Destiny, part 14

Not much to report on the Destiny front.  2016 ended with a new winter/Christmas event called The Dawning in which they added strike scoring to the Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strike playlist.  They also brought back (and made permanent) Sparrow Racing League.  They also, finally, brought back Ice Breaker for Year Three, but you have to reach the gold score for Nightfall and finish the strike in 30 minutes or less just for a chance to randomly get one from the Weekly Heroic bounty that Zavala now provides.  So far the gun has eluded me and considering the state of the group of people I play Destiny with, it will elude me for some time.

The Americans that I play Destiny with just can’t really get along and some of us aren’t talking right now and others are no longer friends.  Maybe after we’re done taking our break from Destiny and from each other we can get back on track to trying to get Ice Breaker and finally completing Wrath of the Machine.


Wrath of the Machine completed runs:  New Zealanders:  1 / Americans:  0

Number of Outbreak Primes completed:  1 of 3

Percentage of Rise of Iron book completed:  all but the Wrath of the Machine pages