Days of Iron, part 4

Destiny, part 13

One of the things about Destiny that’s bugged me since day one is exactly how far into the future is the game supposed to be set?

I finally had the idea a few days ago to do some Google searches to try to figure out how far from now the game is set, so I decided to start my search with ‘how long does it take for a building to decay’ since there’s a lot of decayed structures around the ruins of old Russia.  The first result that I got [] is a lengthy back and forth in some forum and it seems that the consensus is anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 years.  So I assume that Destiny is a minimum of 10,000 years from now considering the state of old Russia.

The second thing I thought to search for was ‘how long does it take for metal to rust’ and it seems that it only takes a matter of days if near an ocean due to salty sea air (which the beginning area of Destiny is.)  So most likely the cars from the beginning that are left outside the wall were completely rusted out a few weeks after the collapse since the whole area is next to (what I assume) is the sea.

Until Bungie decides to give us a concrete number, I’m just going to assume that events in the game are about 10,000 years in the future.  That being said, if it’s that far in the future then how are any of the computers and machines on Earth still functional?  Since computers are relatively new in the span of human history, it’s safe to say that we have no idea how long it would take for every computer in the world to stop working completely.  This is definitely a thought experiment that might never be answered and we’ll just have to chalk it up to space magic.  I enjoy this game a lot, but some of the science in it is very bad.  I’m still trying (after 3 years) to get my head around the whole idea of turning Venus into a habitable planet and Mercury into a garden world.  But, again, space magic.

Hopefully when Destiny 2 comes out some of the time questions will be answered.