Days of Iron, part 3

Destiny, part 12

So we’re about 2 months into Year Three and I feel like I’m in need of a serious break like the one I took last year when Fallout 4 was launched.

I’ve managed to inspire people to get geared up and try out the new raid, but it’s become something of a nightmare.  Phil took to the new raid like a fish to water and has been guiding random people through it all the time.  But I, however, was only taken through once.  Guess I’m not much of a friend to him them, but, whatever.  The only thing that really pisses me off about that is the Outbreak Prime quest.

This is, quite possibly, one of the most insane quests I’ve ever encountered.  In order to begin it, you have to find a sequence of 5 computer monitors in the raid, one of which is hidden behind an enormous octohedron that’s locked by a number that has to be translated from binary.  And once you have the numbers, the other members of the raid team use the numbers (that are coordinates) to stand on pillars that are around the octohedron.  Oh and the numbers are randomly generated every time you start the raid and the last monitor can’t be accessed until you kill the final boss.  Parts of the quest chain also have to be completed by a fireteam of 3 and you have to have once of each class to complete those parts.  Phil has managed to complete this quest on all of his characters and all the people he’s guided through the raid.  But do I get any help?  No.  If I want to complete it, I have to either get some randoms like he did or whip the others into shape, so I’ve been opting for whipping the others into shape.  It’s been a slow going process to say the least, but for the most part it’s been a success.  Until this week.

Yesterday we (myself and the people I raid with in America) got up to the 2nd boss (we call it the Death Zamboni) and we kept wiping over and over.  Eventually we gave up because people were exhausted (like me) and others had to get up for work the next day.  Today, we did a fresh start and I used my Titan instead of the Warlock and managed to get all the way to the final boss (Aksis) but failed.  First Dusty (and myself) were getting tired of people fucking up, then someone had to leave and jka joined.  I don’t like raiding with him because he’s very critical and bossy and he just comes across as a total asshole.  Dusty had to log off because he got sick again and then we were inches from success during the last round but thanks to someone missing his empowered slam against Aksis we wiped and now we’ll have to begin the raid again from the beginning to get the Outbreak Prime quest.  I’m so pissed, but I’m not going to give up.  I’m going to get this damn gun on all my characters like Phil did if it’s the last fucking thing I do.

In other news, I’ve mostly completed the Days of Iron entries in the book.  The one that’s proving to be the most difficult to complete is the Trials of Osiris.  We get a credit toward completing the entry even if we get a losing ticket, but does anyone want to do that?  No, they actually want to try.  I hate Trials because those people are pretty elite and I just don’t stand up to them.  I’ve been playing a lot more Crucible since Rise of Iron started thanks to that book.  I’m getting somewhat better at it even though I still don’t care for it.  I’ve also been playing more Crucible thanks to Festival of the Lost and that damn Thorn exotic quest.  The exotic weapon entry in the book is also proving irritating to complete thanks to Thorn and Outbreak Prime.  The section that will take the longest is the raid entries, but I’ll get there.