What I’m Playing, part 6

(Day Four)

Electron Vapor + Heridium + Zinc…remember that.

So at this point I’ve finally found the crafting recipe for Antimatter after scouring the second planetary system for it for hours.  I was about to just give up on the whole damn game when I finally discovered it thanks to some info from a friend.  He told me that if you break into the buildings with reinforced steel doors the plans can be found in them, so of course I set out to re-search for all the ones I’d discovered so far at this point.  I get down to the last planet in the system (and the end of my rope) and BAM! there it was.  As soon as I had it I discovered that it took Electron Vapor + Heridium + Zinc.  No problem, so I started mining the fuck out of everything I needed (Sentinels be damned) and now my ship’s Hyperdrive is 100% charged.

The third planetary system that I’m in is inhabited by a warrior like race called the Vy’keen.  This formula to the game is beginning to get a little stale, but the same friend that informed me about the Antimatter plans also told me that when he reached his third system that the first alien race that he came across made a reappearance, so maybe when I get to my next system the Gek may reappear.  It would be nice to completely learn the language of at least one of the alien races in the game before I stop playing it entirely.

For now I think No Man’s Sky is going to be on the back burner as something of a time killer because Deus Ex:  Mankind Divided is out in 8 days (at the time of this writing) and Destiny Year Two is coming to a close in 36 days (at the time of this writing) so getting the last Year Two Moment of Triumph that I want is going to take center stage for the time being.