What I’m Playing, part 5

(Day Three)

I’ve explored all 6 planets in the system I started in (I named it the Rohini System) so today after some exploring I decided it was time to fly to the next system. The galactic map says I’m 172255.3 Light Years from the center while in the Rohini System. The next system is listed as having 4 planets and 2 moons. Here’s hoping I don’t get screwed…

A few minutes later…

Well, that jump will be my last for a while. At least until I can figure out how to make another warp cell. This new system is in a purple nebula. The space station is a giant d20 and there are a lot of ships just floating here. They look like cargo ships. Fortunately none of them are hostile.

First planet I picked is, of course, irradiated. But I did find a Galactic Marketplace and was able to find some antimatter so now my warp drive is recharged though I’m sad to say that the 2 cells I was able to craft only brought the charge up to 40% of maximum. I also got a replacement mining tool so now I’ll have to rebuild the upgrades I had installed on the old one and I’ll be good to go.

Hours later…

I have made a terrible mistake.  So I finally had enough credits to purchase a ship from one of the random traders in this system (which, by the way, doesn’t seem to have a single Gek anywhere.  All the aliens here are a new race called the Korvax) and, without being prompted what I was about to do, bought the new ship.  What I realized after the fact was that I just got rid of my old ship which had the Hyperdrive that was charged up 40% for a new ship with more room and a dead Hyperdrive.  Great, now I have to find Antimatter all over again to charge this one.  FML.

Glenn claims that I should have been given a “quest” to find a beacon on one of the planets in this system which should have led me to a crafting recipe for Antimatter.  While I did have a quest to find a beacon when I arrived in this system, there was no recipe for Antimatter when I found it.  He assures me that the facilities that I’ve been skipping because of the locked doors hold things that I can “steal” and now that I have a Plasma Launcher on my Multi-Tool I plan on investigating every damn one of them until I find this recipe.  A little while ago, I was fortunate enough to come across a recipe for Magmox in one of those facilities, so at least I have a way to make stupid amounts of Units on the Galactic Market.  Fuckers.

In other news, all the artifacts in this system are teaching me Korvax words, not Gek words, so now I once again have no idea what any of the aliens are saying when I talk to them.

If this pattern of planets, space station, re-learning alien words and having to hope that I randomly come across some Antimatter in my travels is the norm from here to the galactic core, I just might never make it there or even passed the next planetary system.