What I’m Playing, part 4

(Day Two)

Day two of No Man’s Sky I finally decided to leave my home planet which I have named Hod after the Norse god of winter.  The second planet I discovered in my home system was, of course, a fucking humid planet but I didn’t see any lava anywhere.  There was water and the animals there were ferocious and attacked me on sight so I didn’t stick around to explore it very much.  I renamed that planet Hel.  I went back into space and discovered that I could mine asteroids for Thamium9 to use the Pulse Engine and Pulse Jump.  The next 2 planets that I discovered were both irradiated and the next planet I discovered after that had no animals and very little vegetation.  I discovered a space station above the 2nd planet that was shaped like a pyramid.  I went inside and in the docking bay there 2 doors, both locked by Atlas Pass V1.  I still don’t know how to craft those or where you find them.  While I was in the docking bay , other random ships appeared and they were all piloted by different Gek.  They all had different things to buy and sell and if I had thought to pick up Zinc from one of the planets I probably would have made quite a bit of money from one of the traders because he had it listed at a very high buy price.  I’m still struggling with inventory space.  I did manage to find an outpost on Hod where I could sell the Gek artifacts that I’ve been carrying around.  I also ended up selling some of the elements that I’ve been carrying with me that I currently don’t need.  I figured I could always hope to find more of it later.

When I went to orbit, I checked out the galactic map again and this time I noticed that there is a line that leads from the system I’m in to systems that lead to the galactic core and I think that the measurement was something like 150,000+ light years away, so I have a long long way to go.  At some point, I may go there out of morbid curiosity just to see what it is but it’s probably going to require a lot of fuel and a lot of time.  I didn’t see any ships while I was in space, but I did see a few other vessels flying around Hod.  I assume they were more traders headed for outposts since they weren’t hostile.

So far , none of the planets I’ve discovered have been “beautiful” but they are pretty in their own ways.  Hod I like the most so far since it’s the least hostile even if it is annoying that I’m continuously freezing to death and getting screaming at by the suit’s computer.

I did learn the hard way that you should probably not equip a boltcaster to your mining tool because I couldn’t figure out how to reload it once I had crafted it and I couldn’t figure out how to switch between the mining tool and the boltcaster (if there was a way) and ended up getting into a fight with Sentinels.  I managed to kill 2 of the small flying ones and one of the 4 legged ground ones.  Once they were destroyed, my GTA style notoriety went away and I could continue my exploration and resource gathering in peace.

I also found out that if you try to ram a planet on purpose while you have Pulse Engines running that it will pull you out of the nose dive and fly you into the planet’s atmosphere.  Hopefully later on I will be able to upgrade the ship’s engine so that I won’t have to mine as much Plutonium to power the ship’s Launch Thrusters.  It’s beginning to piss me off that takes a full 25% of the thruster’s charge when I take off from the ground.

I’m enjoying the game very much so far.  I haven’t given any of the plants or animals names of my choosing, instead I just upload them with the names that the game generates for me when I discover them.  I have been renaming the planets though and in my sleepy state I ended up accidentally renaming one of the irradiated planets E.

That’s all for Day Two!