What I’m Playing, part 2

Star Ocean:  Integrity and Faithlessness has, so far, been worth the wait and definitely fun.  This is the first Star Ocean game I’ve played for any length of time since 1 and 2 were resurrected for the PSP.  I own Til The End of Time and Last Hope International, but alas, I’ve never played either of them.


The story is set on a planet where there are 2 nations at war with each other and one of them is beating the other quite soundly because of an unfair technological advantage given to them from people from another planet.  The Federation (the good guys?) is trying to stop rival group Kronos from interfering with the goings on between these nations without too much interference on their part (think of the Prime Directive from Star Trek).  Caught up in this struggle is the main hero, Fidel, and his friend Mikki.  Invaders from the enemy nation of Traikur attacked their small town which set off a chain of events that has kept me coming back for more during my free time (what little of it I’ve had lately).

I was surprised when Emmerson and Anne both joined the group, but loved how they were kinda hush hush about the fact that they weren’t from this planet even though you could tell that something was off about them.  I also thought it was a little strange that people from this planet didn’t have an over the top reaction when faced with the idea that they were in a star ship, but I guess there’s only so much plot you can cram into the game.  Either way I’m enjoying the off the wall story and I can’t wait to see where things are going to go from where I am now.

The trophy list is going to be a pain in the ass from what I’ve read of it so far, for quite a few of them are going to require a lot of grinding.  My other gripe about the game is that, the point where I am at the moment, there isn’t any fast travel what so ever and the side quests require a lot of back tracking which is supremely annoying.

Is platinum / 100% attainable? Yes, with a LOT of work
% or trophies / achievements at the time of writing according to PSN: 13%