Long Live The King, part 6

Destiny, part 7

One of the few bright spots this week was the announcement of the next Destiny expansion:  Rise of Iron.  And if you pre-order it, you get the new Gjallarhorn!  So of course the day after the announcement, as soon as the pre-order appeared in the PlayStation Store, I was so there.  Now I’m watching the countdown agonizingly tick it’s way through the next 101 days, 3 hours and 35 minutes.

On another Destiny note, I added a couple more friends to my Destiny friends list that live in New Zealand.  A lovely gay couple that insist that I come to New Zealand to visit.  I just might take them up on the offer sometime, but I think (unless he comes here first) I’d rather go to Canada to see Potential #1 instead.

They haven’t yet completed the King’s Fall raid, so hopefully I’ll be able to help them do that before Rise of Iron comes out.