Long Live The King, part 4

Destiny, part 5


  • Oryx:  3  Us:  1
  • Loot Earned:  Mouth of Ur Helmet (320), Doom of Chelchis Scout Rifle (320), Smite if Merain Pulse Rifle (320), Vena Cava Shader, Kingsbane Emblem
  • Times Peed:  0
  • Completion Time:  1 Hour
  • Times Wiped:  4

That’s right, we FINALLY killed that bitch!  After months of trying and waiting, The Taken King has finally fallen.  Now to refine my technique and learn to run the raid faster and eventually try to beat it on Hard Mode.  I also hope to eventually get the last 3 Calcified Fragments from the King’s Fall Challenges, but, considering that we nearly succeeded in the Oryx Challenge and failed (thanks to me) they’re going to take some trying to get.