Long Live The King, part 3

Destiny, part 4

Continued from part 2

Sometime between The Dark Below and House of Wolves, I had considered quitting Destiny altogether.  I had no regular fireteam and none of my IRL friends played.  Then one day I logged into bear411 and got a message on there from a man in New Zealand that noticed I was wearing a Destiny shirt in my profile picture and asked me if I played.  Turns out we both played on PS4, so we exchanged PSN IDs and he and his friends began teaching me everything they knew about the game.  I admitted that I’d never done either of the raids or the Nightfall Strikes in the game so they took it upon themselves to teach me everything they knew.

I learned, through much trial and error, how to run The Vault of Glass and Crota’s End. Running through Crota’s End every week at reset, along with the Nightfall Strike, became our weekly routine for months.  And once House of Wolves was released, we played Destiny together almost nightly as our hunt for the Wolves was near relentless.  I enjoyed my time with the New Zealand fireteam and hopefully once the next expansion releases we’ll be able to devote time to battling The Darkness some more.  Over the course of the months following the release of House of Wolves, leading up to The Taken King, we played continuously every week without missing a beat.  Raids, strikes, daily heroics, bounties.  About the only thing we didn’t do a lot of was PvP.

Close to the end of Year One, there came the announcement of the Year One Moments of Triumph.  Reach Max Level, Defeat the Heart of the Black Garden, Prevent the Summoning of Crota’s Soul, Captured Skolas in the Vex Citadel, Defeat Prison of Elders Hard Mode, Defeat the Vault of Glass Hard Mode, Defeat Crota’s End Hard Mode, Complete 50 Public Events, Win 100 Crucible Matches, Find all the Golden Chests.  I had completed all of them with the exception of Vault of Glass Hard Mode and Prison of Elders Hard Mode.  Still wondering when and how I got 100 Crucible Matches, but, not going to argue.  With the help of my New Zealand fireteam and a few other randoms here and there, I managed to complete all the triumphs a few days before the deadline.  I’m still waiting to see what the Year Two Moments of Triumph are going to be.  I’m hoping that one of them isn’t finding all 50 of the Calcified Fragments.  If it is, I’m shit out of luck because the last 3 are going to be impossible to get for you have to complete all the King’s Fall challenges to get them.

I remember the night that The Taken King was to be released.  We were all on PSN party chat anxiously watching our progress bars for the download creep toward 100%.  Once the downloads were complete, our fight against The Taken and their King began.  After a few months of dealing with The Taken and their irritating tactics, I was definitely in need of a break.  No group would do the King’s Fall raid because of how long it took to complete and how difficult and complex it was.  This was when my love affair with Destiny really started to go south.  King’s Fall was, and still is, the only thing in the game I have yet to complete.  Fortunately for me after years of waiting for it, Fallout 4 was released in November.  And so it was that I left space for the post apocalyptic wasteland of Boston, Massachusetts.  Now, six months, a few other games and a couple content patches later I have returned to Destiny for a chance to complete King’s Fall and this time, nothing is going to stop me from claiming Oryx’s head.  Long Live The King!

The Taken King had come.  The tale of the Guardian that went out to meet him.