Long Live The King, part 2

Destiny, part 3

Not another attempt at King’s Fall, but instead, tonight, I helped some friends finish off The Vault of Glass.  Turns out the guys that I used to play with that live in New Zealand and Australia have also been taking a break from Destiny.  Nice to know that I wasn’t the only one that needed a break from the game.  We used to get together every week at weekly reset and run Crota’s End and the Weekly Nightfall.

After three or four wipes against Atheon, we managed to defeat him.  It was good to hear the voices of my friends on the other side of the planet again.  If not for them and their patience and tutelage I would have given up on Destiny long before Year Two began.

Back at the beginning of Year One for Destiny, I was pretty hardcore into it.  I’d log in every day to do the daily bounties and patrol the planets if I had to.  But after a while, and long before The Dark Below had released, I had run into a wall of what do I do now?  I had run out of Destiny content that I could do alone.  The only marker left on the map was something called The Vault of Glass and I needed 5 other people to do it.  Oh well.  Like a mindless zombie, I continued doing my daily bounties on all 3 characters, trying to level up their classes and gear.  I remember the excitement when I finally started to get Legendary gear drops from strikes.  I remember also, when The Dark Below finally dropped.  Yay!  New content!  But sadly, the joy of this new content didn’t last long, it was just a new way of doing the same old grind.  However, this was the point when I started to really learn where things were in the game, how to complete bounties the quickest way.  Basically I was beginning to get the game down to an exact science.

To be continued