Relationships, part 6

So Potential #2 just went home.  He came over yesterday about 10:30 and spent the night.  From all his photos, I imagined he’d be an in your face, dudebro kinda guy.  He’s nothing like that at all.  He’s very gentle, very sweet.  He’s a lot smaller in stature than I am, definitely perfect for cuddling and hugging close.  I was super nervous about meeting him in person.  I’ve been driving myself crazy for a few weeks trying to purge my house of all this stuff that I didn’t want or need anymore, just so he wouldn’t think that I was a slob or a hoarder or anything like that.  All that nervousness washed away when I saw his car approach my house.  I walked out to meet him and directed him where to park.  As soon as he got out of his car I gave him a big hug and we just stood there holding each other for a while.  It was wonderful, he smelled wonderful.  I could feel his pulse pounding when I hugged him.  I guess he was as nervous as I was.

We went in the house, and I showed him around and showed him all the cleaning and organizing I had done in preparation for his arrival.  He brought his ancient laptop with him to try to finish one last project he had for the semester, so we piled up on the love seat and once his laptop booted up, he showed me some of the things he’s been working on.  He’s been studying architectural landscaping at college and is almost done with his studies, maybe one or two more years to go.  His designs are beautiful and amazing!  He’s incorporated nature into some amazing man made structures.  His ultimate goal is to try to better the world and help save the environment, definitely a cause that I can get behind.  He found his calling (so to speak) to go into architectural landscaping during his time in Chile, though I’m still not quite sure how he ended up there and why.  And once he’s done studying his field at college, he’s still thinking about where he’s going to go.  He’s looking at different places in the United States, New Zealand, England and possibly China in the future.  Hearing that, I kinda died a little.  I felt then that a future with him would be uncertain at best.  If he’s planning on trying to help save the world, then I shouldn’t try to dissuade him for my own selfishness.  I don’t want to be one of those people that stands in the way of his dreams.

There was definitely passion between us.  We held each other on the couch for a while, played video games, watched cartoons on Netflix and eventually ate some pizza.  I showed him Destiny and he got me to restart Final Fantasy XIII and I let him play Journey on PS4.  I held him tight as I watched him play Journey and quietly chocked back my tears as he reached the end of the game.  It always makes me cry, and this time was just as bad as the others.  We took a nap together not long after he got here and I held him close in the bed.  It was wonderful having that feeling again, I’ve missed it.  I’ve missed intimacy with someone a lot more than I’ve missed having sex.  When we went to bed (and napped) he stripped down to his underwear and I wore a pair of shorts.  When we woke up this morning, I could feel his erection pressed up against me and he took my hand and put it on his belly just above his crotch.  Rubbing his tummy, I brushed the head of his cock and the sudden realization of what I had done kinda shocked me awake.  I took the opportunity to just go for it.  I pushed my hand in his underwear and grabbed him.  Not quite as big as I had thought, but then again it’s not like I could say anything.  After tiring of using my hand, I threw the comforter back and went down on him.  It made me feel good to feel him shivering under my touch, pleasuring him, making him feel good.  I kept at it until I got his load and then I rubbed his naked body while he came down off the high.  I asked him if he still wanted me to fuck him but he said he wasn’t ready for that.  I’m kinda glad he said that, because I wasn’t ready for that either.  He got me off a few minutes later and it was a massive mess.  I’d been saving it for his visit, just in case it led to this.  After my orgasm, I shivered at his touch but loved it.  We laid back down and slept a while longer, and when we woke up he had to leave soon.  I could feel the loneliness creeping in again at the thought of his departure.  We got dressed and said our goodbyes as he gathered up his laptop and phone.  He did leave behind a box of Chai tea that he brought with him and we both had a cup last night before bed.  I’d love to have him in my life full time, but I’m not going to stand in his way should he decide this isn’t where he wants to be.  I asked him if I would get to see him again and he said definitely, so we’ll see…