Long Live The King, part 1

Destiny, part 2

So today was my 2nd ever attempt at trying to complete King’s Fall raid in Destiny.  The first time was with a group of guys from Australia several months ago, and compared to today’s attempt went much, much smoother.  Today’s attempt was like a monkey shit fight at the zoo gone horribly wrong and was a quick reminder as to why I took a six month break from the game.  It wasn’t just because Fallout 4 was finally released, it was also because the people I play this game with are assholes.

From the first room, Dustin starts bitching because things are going wrong.  There’s no need to panic over every little thing that happens.  Just roll with it.  I dunno, maybe I’m just better at keeping my cool in stressful situations than he is.  Once that disaster was finally completed, then came the dreaded jump across the backs of the Hive ships.  Everyone made it across eventually, except Nick.  We eventually just had to keep going and pull him forward to the next area.  Then came the first test of opening the door to the Warpriest.  No big deal, we managed to get it done in three tries with a minor amount of confusion.  Then came the first confrontation:

The Warpriest

From the get go, we all knew the fight, we just needed someone to call out the order of the platforms.  I decided to volunteer after a long pause in the chat.  It was my first time and I hoped the Warpriest would cooperate with my sharing his platform.  After deciding the names of each platform (top, mid and right) we got to work.  The first attempt ended in failure because in a moment of panic, I called the right platform the left platform.  Wipe.  The second attempt was met with success as we got our shit together and managed to call the platforms by the right names, the Warpriest went down like a ton of bricks.  Then we were on to…


This is probably my least favorite fight of the entire raid.  It makes me very uncomfortable because of how you have to leave yourself vulnerable to be able to damage Golgoroth.  Fortunately for us, Johnathan knew the fight quite well and explained how his usual group did it.  It seems that every group has a different strategy for this fight.  The Aussie group I did this with had a much different approach to it.  Without a lengthy explanation, the Aussies used a hiding spot on the top platform to shield the one who kept Golgoroth’s gaze from harm.  Johnathan on the other hand kept his gaze and managed to shoot down the damage buff water ball things by himself.  I must learn this technique if he will teach me.  The first attempt met with a wipe as too many of us died which led to the filling up of Golgoroth’s evil ass stone of doom.  The second attempt (or maybe it was the third, I can’t remember if we wiped once or twice it’s been several hours and a very very long nap since we actually played) was when we managed to actually kill Golgoroth and move on to the second irritating jumping puzzle.

The platforms on the way to The Sisters / Oryx’s room is one of the most frustrating things about the game.  There are large pistons that will randomly erupt from the wall and if you are unfortunate enough to be standing in front of them when they do….BAM!  Off you go into the dreary green abyss.  The other sinister thing about this room is the hidden treasure chest room opposite the wall with the pistons.  There is little more than some Moldering Shards and a possibility for an Exotic, but is it really worth the risk?  Once we finally managed to get out that hellhole and up through the room the others describe as “Oryx’s toilet” we had finally reached our destination.

The Sisters / Oryx

Upon reflection, this is my third time trying this, not my second.  Once again I stepped into the nightmarish court of the Taken King and gazed upon the atmosphere of Saturn in the distance.  Standing there in all their hideous glory were the Deathsinger sisters:  ir-Halak and ir-Anuk.  They were to be our first test to see if we were worthy to parley with the king.  This would also be where the raid started to completely fall apart.  By this time, we had been at it coming up on 3 hours.  Exhaustion and hunger were beginning to set in, not to mention lactic acid and a full bladder.  Tempers were on the rise as, after an explanation and subsequent failure, we wiped.  After a couple tries, Nick called it quits for the day.  I don’t blame him for leaving, but I guess I’m just a sadist or glutton for punishment underneath as I stayed until the bitter, fruitless end.  We wiped again and again and again and again and again until we finally got it right.  The Sisters were finally felled and I got nothing for it, but at least my Three of Coins didn’t go to waste.  Then it was time for the big kahuna himself.  After a lengthy explanation that I halfway listened to (since I already knew what to do) we tried to kill Oryx, but sadly found that there was a bug of some sort in the game.  After the first step of the fight we noticed that his health wasn’t going down at all.  After this discovery, we just decided to call it and report the issue to Bungie.  Hopefully the next time around, we will triumph against The Taken King.


  • Oryx:  3  Us:  0
  • Loot Earned:  Kingslayer Ghost Shell (318), Path of Xol Boots (318), 12 Moldering Shards, 6 Blue Engrams, 2 Primary Ammo Synthesis (really?)
  • Times Peed:  3
  • Completion Time:  4 hours

I’ll get you next time Gadget!