Everyone Dies on Someone’s Birthday

I don’t even know where to start.

So today was my adopted mother’s 58th birthday.  I took her out to lunch, and while we were driving to the restaurant I checked my Facebook feed to see if the few people there that I care to follow had posted anything.  My closest friend had posted that he was on his way to the hospital because his partner had collapsed at work.  I was worried, of course, but very little I could do about any of it.  The waiting game began.  I chose not to say anything about it to mom since it was her birthday after all.  I tried to keep the conversation going at lunch from topic to topic as usual, though in the back of my mind it was all I could think about.

Was he being treated fairly at the emergency room?  Did they let my friend in to see his partner?  Was there fighting between my friend and his partner’s estranged family?  That last one was definitely the one that I couldn’t bear the thought of.  I didn’t want my friend to deal with the horrors that some people have in the past where they weren’t included or mentioned anywhere in anything at any time.  It makes me angry thinking about things like that.


“Then someone should teach them.”


“No.  Someone wise.”

It just makes me want to grab people and shake the crap out of them and MAKE them realize what kind of harm they’re doing to others when they act like that.  You’re trying to keep two people that care about each other separated and for what?  What kind of satisfaction do you get out of that?  Hurting others for your own selfishness because you’re so blind you can’t see what you’re doing.

Hours have passed and I have finally heard from my friend.  It turns out that I was completely over reacting in my head, as usual, and they allowed him in to see his partner without any fuss.  He suffered a type A aortic dissection and nearly died, but after an emergency surgery he made it and is in stable condition in ICU.

The thoughts of having to deal with situations like that when I finally find Mr. Right terrify me to no end, but it’s something that I’m just going to have to accept if it happens.  Everyone dies on someone’s birthday, I’m just glad that it didn’t happen today for me and mine.


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