Relationships, part 2

Dear M,

Sorry you felt the need to block me.  You could have at least told me to cool it with the messages if it was a problem.  Or did P find out that you were talking to me?  If that’s the case, I assume he saw what was said between us and got angry and felt threatened and told you to block me.  But I highly doubt it.  You were too much of a coward to say something to me like “this isn’t going to happen” or “I’d rather just be friends.”

At first, I admired you, and P.  I admired you for loving him and taking care of him after all the horrible things his family put him through.  And I admired him for surviving it all and for not killing himself after he wanted to.  But now, I don’t care about either of you.  Whatever happens to you both, so be it.  You’ll get no sympathy from me.

Even though I’ll never taste your forbidden fruit in real life, I’ve had you over and overimageedit_1_8556245204 again in my fantasy.  Meeting at some dark, filthy club where you pull me off to a side and use me the way you described through our texts.  I’ve had you again and again, and you’ve had me.  The days pass as we wait to touch again.  The days pass as I wait for you to again claim me.  But it will never happen now, and I’m glad.  I’ll never understand why partnered men aren’t satisfied with what they’ve got; why they feel the need to fuck others.  I’ll never understand why I keep falling in this trap either.  I guess I’m just a sucker for a pretty face.  I hope that after blocking me, you realize what it is you’ve got with P.  What it is the rest of us are looking for.  What I’m looking for.  I’ll never know whose idea it was between you to open the relationship, but I’m going to place the blame on that with you.  You seem the type.

We could have been just friends, and I would have been fine with that.  I could have understood if you had said something instead of just cutting me off.  Not only did you lose a friend that day, but in my opinion you lost out on a good slave.  Hope you have a good life Sir.

No hidden catch
No strings attached
Just free love