The Stormcaller’s Path

Destiny, part 1

Warlocks sing to the sun.  We walk the void.  A rare few call the storm.  To face the challenges ahead, you must understand more of our order.

When I came back to Destiny a couple weeks ago in preparation for the April update, I finally settled on something that I’d been giving a lot of thought to.  I deleted my Hunter and made a second Warlock.  I never had fun playing my Hunter, I’m not as skilled at it as others.  I finally decided to leave playing Hunters in the hands of the experts and stick with the class that I was the best with.  Yeah, it kinda stung just deleting all those hours of effort, but at least now I won’t have to grind as much for resources and gear for my new character.  So out with the Exo Hunter, in with the Exo Warlock.

Fortunately for me, I saved the spark of light from when I got The Taken King and used it to take my new Warlock from level 1 to 25 in a few seconds.  I was also pleasantly surprised with a Halloween gift bag when I created him.  And now, I’m pleasantly surprised with the chance to re-live the quest chain to gain access to the Stormcaller subclass.