Another Early Saturday

Another early, quiet Saturday.  Waking up in my Imperial bath robe under my Guardians of the Galaxy comforter in my recliner where I fell asleep watching old episodes of Animaniacs after work last night.  I’m already thinking about what to do today as I stumble to the bathroom to pee…and inevitably spray the toilet since I apparently can’t aim when I’m half asleep.  Add ‘clean the toilet‘ to the list of things to be done.  Head is pounding as I stare at my damn phone waiting for replies from friends.  The rays of the sun fill the next room with vibrant colors; I can see them through the crack of the door as I sit in the darkness of the living room typing this.  The rest of the house is in darkness save for the sunlight trying to get through the blackout curtains in the kitchen and bedroom.  Such is the life of a third shifter.

Time to gather up the one eBay item I managed to get rid of this week and prepare it for its journey to its new home in Kentucky.  I fling open the door to the next room and I’m greeted by the sunlight on my Dark Side robe and the bits of my skin that are exposed.  I pick up the box where I scribbled ‘DS9 Model’ and am careful not to trip over my weights that I’ve neglected this week and carry the box with me back to the coffee table in the living room and open it.  As I examine the pieces of the half complete model, I’m reminded of the so-called friend that encouraged me to purchase the thing in the first place.  At least once I get rid of it, it will be one less thing in the house to remind me that I’ve made some poor choices in terms of friendship over the years, but those are posts for another time.  Can’t go spewing out all my content at once now can I?  Now…time to make a cup of coffee and get my day started.